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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday & A St Patrick's Party

I'll Be Uploading Videos after The Parade, tomorrow, or @ least Pictures, as tomorrow will begin with Mass @ 9:30AM:

Mass this morning, as it is the Current Church Calendar's Palm Sunday, was jammed;

I'm more in favor of the Traditional Calendar, where Passion Sunday preceded Palm Sunday by a Week;

Today, The Gospel Of Good Friday was preached & will be preached again on Good Friday;

In the Old Days, It was Christ's Realization that he knew that He was going to Die in Jerusalem, which he discussed with His Apostles. Passion Sunday brought this theme to life;

Palm Sunday was the Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem, as people waved Palms as he came into the City;

On Holy Thursday, was The Last Supper, which was the 1st Mass, where Christ instituted The Eucharist & Priesthood & This is Commemorated;

On Good Friday, We enter into The Fullness Of The Passion With Christ's Death On The Cross;

On Holy Saturday, we are reminded that The Christ is awaiting Resurrection. There's no Mass until The Easter Vigil;

On Easter(Resurrection)Sunday, He is Risen & the Church comes back to Life with The Risen Christ;

Nevertheless, The Reading Of The Passion, gave me thoughts about how in one's own life, one has met a few Pharisees along the way, who seek persecution of others, so that the Pharisees may enjoy total control & their misguided ways;

The Party was great but it felt strange, as tomorrow's parade will be on Monday of Holy Week,but given the stubbornness of the Parade Committee, The Parade will be on 5th Avenue tomorrow, following man made tradition, just like The Pharisees. Is The Guinness Brewery paying you guys a kickback?

The Party served both Ham & Roast Beef, which is Traditionally The St Patrick's Day Meal in Ireland. Corned Beef is uniquely American & perhaps, Jewish In Origin. I stuck with Roast Beef, as that's the meal of those of Irish Blood in the North;

Jokes flowed like this with a Priest in The Room, like "Bless Me Father For I Haven't Sinned Once, a Hundred Times Maybe";

Tomorrow will be an Interesting St Patrick's Day, as Governor Eliot Spitzer's Resignation takes effect. He Paid & Played & is Paying Again-just ask "Kristen";

The March-a nice hike up The Avenue;

& The Opening Salvo For who controls 5th Avenue-Red Sox Or Yankees Fans, is the Opening Salvo in the Season-Long War;

Mike-RSN-NYCQ-In The RC Diocese Of Brooklyn, NY

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