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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Holy Week-A Look Ahead & St Patrick's Day

Yesterday, in Both The Archdiocese Of New York & The RC Diocese of Brooklyn, was the Celebration(Liturgically) of St Patrick's Day. I will say that the Corned Beef On Rye was Delicious & I've had enough beer:

Today(Liturgically) is St Joseph's Day;

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, also called Passion Sunday;

Monday, though it is not Liturgically Celebrated, is St Patrick's Day, as this year it's Monday Of Holy Week, as Lent nears its' end, beginning Holy Thursday with The Easter Triduum, which continues into The Easter Vigil of Holy Saturday Evening & Easter Sunday, which is Properly-Called The Resurrection Of The Christ, while Easter is an old English term for Spring;

As my friend mentioned to me last year, while St Patrick's Day in '08 may not be celebrated LITURGICALLY, it's a Great Day to get "Lit", though by Friday, which is Good Friday, no one I know of, will be getting "Lit Up";

I do remember from the 1960s', that Passion Sunday was the Week Before Palm Sunday & readings of The Passion Of The Christ were read on that Sunday, of the Anticipation of His Death & Resurrection. Palm Sunday was the Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem of Jesus, plus the Distribution of Palm & Blessings;

Now, with the Novus Ordo of The Missalae Romanum of 1970, Passion Sunday & Palm Sunday became one Sunday of Very Long Masses & Readings & Mobs of People, who don't normally come to Mass, where the Readings of Old Testament, New Testament & Gospels, are long Ocassions, & more about the Actions of Holy Thursday & Good Friday;

I liked The Traditional Order, better, where Passion Sunday & Palm Sunday were the Two Sundays & Preached what was at hand, as in the current format, the same readings are done on Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday & Good Friday, as I believe that the sheer volume of repetition, turns people away from Church;

In regards to the NY St Patrick's Day Parade Committee-Just because Ireland, now in The Post-Christian, Multicultural Era, has its' Dublin Parade on the 17th of March, which doesn't really celebrate Ireland's Apostle Of Faith, do we have to follow their example-IT IS HOLY WEEK, REMEMBER, NOT Mardi Gras;

Oh, well-Have A Blessed Week, Ahead;

Michael-RSN-NYCQ-In The RC Diocese Of Brooklyn

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