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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Digital Edition Saves Stamps

& saves paper. I also edit a newsletter for the 4th Degree & sent out a copy to 16 members of the 4th Degree. At $.41 per stamp, sending out a newsletter to 275 members is costly, so if more give their e-mail addresses, more postage & paper is saved+ savings on the cost of printing.

It's the 21st Century-Get used to it-One can read the digital edition on a computer or Cell Phone;

& iWork '08 will be what the Newsletter is written on. It's so-intuitive to use. Apple Makes it so-easy to do;




Blogger Johnson said...

Digital Editions are online versions of print publications or sometimes they are simply publications developed specifically to be viewed in a digital format. With print and postage rates climbing and an increasing audience of readers looking for their content on the Internet, digital editions are quickly becoming a must-have for publishers.

7:53 AM  

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