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Saturday, March 03, 2007

"This Is One Crazy, Digital Era We Live In"

We now carry the Office in our pockets, with no need for briefcases. We even carry around our music in a shirt pocket. We don't need a quarter or 2 to make a phone call:

I remember 10 Years ago when a company called OMNIPOINT(For you Latinists, Omni means "All")introduced Voice, Fax & Short Messaging, all on one phone, people were amazed, but good ol' OMNIPOINT didn't have enough carriage towers here in NYC, so calls were often dropped. But, if someone needed to send you a FAX, it would go straight to one's voice mail for latter retrieval. With SMS(Text Messaging between OMNIPOINT Handsets, communications were becoming easier & faster & wireless. Sprint PCS didn't have this & neither did (The Old)AT&T, nor Bell Atlantic(Currently, Verizon Wireless)Mobile. Nextel had come up with the Push To Talk Phone, along with regular wireless service;

Apple still made their Newton Handheld, which was bulky but did do wireless web, provided one's cell phone was attached by Serial Cable. Then, Palm came along with the Palm Pilot, which fit in a shirt pocket, which synced to one's computer, to download documents & hold contact lists & for reading MS Outlook e-mail. It even had one which could send e-mail & documents, wirelessly, eliminating extra wires to carry around. The last 10 years have been Cutting Edge Years, for the Digital Revolution;

Currently at home, I have a G3 iMac, running Mac OS X 10.3.9(Panther), which is stable(Like a rock), a Motorola RAZR V3 Phone, which does Wireless Full Internet with Bluetooth & a Palm T/X Handheld, which is capable of High Speed Wireless Fidelity(Wi-Fi)access, Bluetooth Wireless Access & Infrared Data Transfer & Web. The Palm T/X could practically operate on it's own, but still requires either syncing from a computer(Windows or Mac) or from the Bluetooth Connection. It means that I don't have to carry a 5.5 LB notebook computer with me, to perform functions. I use Cingular's Great Voice & Data Network(The NEW AT&T BTW), to wirelessly sync my Palm T/X. I remember when AT&T Wireless had a great device called a Digital Pocketnet Phone, where one could send e-mail, surf the web & send short Fax messages from the phone. It was an amazing device;

I remember when the "Official Carrier" of the NY Mets, was OMNIPOINT & the phones worked fine at Shea Stadium, especially when I sent my 1st e-mail to my then Brand New Brother GeoBook Laptop, to my 1st Earthlink Address, when Earthlink was hardly-known, as AOL was the BIG thing in those days & everyone had Dial-Up Access, in 1998. It was 91F at Game-time on Tuesday, March 31st, 1998 when I sent that 1st e-mail from the comfort of the Shea Stadium Mezzanine, over a crowd chanting "Yankees Suck";

The Digital Era had arrived. In 2000, at Fenway Park, I sent a text message to an associate in Queens, from The Upper Bleachers, as the Red Sox were beating the Montreal Expos, via OMNIPOINT-Voicestream. Later in the year, I did the same thing from Fenway Park. In those 3 Digital Games, the Home team won their games;

So, from Shea Stadium, Fenway Park & Citizens Bank Ballpark(Philadelphia), I will be able to send e-mail, photos & documents from any of those places, as if I never left home. Forget about Yankee Stadium, as only minimal equipment comes with me. I remember Cingular as "Official Sponsor of The NY Yankees" & their phones NEVER worked in Yankee Stadium, 3 years ago & the "Animal House" Atmosphere, which is Yankee Stadium;

Thank Goodness for this Age;



Blogger Sugar Mouse In The Rain said...

Yes, it's a crazy era but I wonder if it makes our lives better!

5:01 AM  
Blogger Peter N said...

You remember the Fleetwood Mac song..."It's over my head, and it still feels nice."
I know they were writing about something entirely different. My goodness, their 1980 LP TUSK meant, well...maybe you know. Email me if you want to. Not polite, but they were druggies who made GREAT music then.
Enjoy your Sunday, my friend...Peter

10:13 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Not so much better, but @ least one can keep up with greater demands made by people with little notion for reality.

2:47 PM  

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