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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"TeLOLists Caught In A Plot"

Osama Bin-Gasin & his band of "Al-Wasip" Assassins, were hatching a plot to poison the air inside a LARGE Gathering of New Yorkers:

Osama sends a contingent of his associates to a large outdoor arena by Subway. They're dressed to pass for New Yorkers, wearing Baseball Caps;

They arrived at the big outdoor arena. They got outfield seats. People were calling these guys "Arse-Caps";

The Contingent of fans around the Terrorists, in the Middle of the 6th Inning, sang a warped version of "YMCA" to them. The Assassin Squad passes out. The FBI takes the assassins into custody;

They gave up the location of Osama Bin-Gasin, who was hiding in a 3rd Tier. He had also fainted;

All were in custody & yelling at Osama for his brilliant plot @ the Metropolitan Correctional Centre in Lower Manhattan;

From Yemeneh Bin-Hihni:
"You gave us NY Mets & Boston Red Sox Caps to wear in the RF Bleachers? All those guys were from NJ & SW CT. There were NO New Yorkers, there";

From Yumoma Benin-Jery;
"Of Course, there aren't Any New Yorkers-They got Jersey Breath in The Bleachers. You'll never find New Yorkers, ANYWHERE in Yankee Stadium. They're all in Corona, Queens, at the OTHER Place";

Arraignment & Court Date was set;




Blogger Suldog said...

Hah! Funny!

3:08 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Great Way to goof on BOTH Yankees Fans & Terrorists @ the Same time:

& Many are both Terrorists & Yankee Fans!

3:36 PM  

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