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Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Josh Threw Well, But Oliver Was Better Tonight"

It was a Mets 4-1 Exhibition Victory over the Red Sox in Port St Lucie, FL, seen via Sportsnet New York via Satellite(DirecTV), this evening:

Josh Beckett wasn't wild, but did give up a gopher ball, something he has to work on(6Ks, no BB);

Sox Infield-2 Errors, allowing 2 Mets Runs to Score, with 1 Earned(Alex Cora committed The Consecutive Deuce);

Big Papi Ortiz & Manny Ramirez, K'od 2x each, as did Josh Beckett;

Tito, there's NO DH in the NL Park. You know that from managing the Phillies;

Oliver Perez seemed quite-sharp(9Ks in 5 Innings, no BB). With Mets 'Pen, overall Strikeouts in 9 Innings, was 14;

Meanwhile, Aaron Heilman is reporting Tendonitis in his elbow. That the pitching was so-Injury ridden by NLCS time, it was a wonder that the Mets got as far as they did;

If Sr Sunglasses(I Didn't Know Mc Gwire Was Juicing It)La Russa, faced the Healthy Team, instead of one ready for the Surgeon's Knife, Lord Albert of The Pool Halls & Braden The Fake-Phony-LIAR, would've been on the Golf Course a lot sooner;

No one was hurt, tonight;

Take Care;



Blogger laura said...

It's nice that Cora is getting some work, but he is a benchwarmer. I really only want to see him when someone else needs a rest...he makes me nervous.

4:06 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

He has the tendency to cause one to get nervous.

7:09 PM  

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