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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another "Riviera" Rant-This List Gets Longer

To the Guys who canned the ONLY Bar Manager who really made "The Riviera Cafe & Sports Bar" @ 7th Avenue South & West 4th Street, in Greenwich Village, a Red Sox Household Name, The Great Jim Mc Guire, my "Pax Non Vobiscum" list is GROWING, Leaps & Bounds, so "Pax Non Vobiscum" goes to:

"Tin Pot" Dunleavey(NOT The Great Aussie of The NY Post of Irish Descent) of the St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee; Marching the FDNY @ the Middle of The Parade because of some cheap vendetta? Should Paulie & Sally Babe send you any reminders(Lol);

Bud Selig, Commissioner of MLB, for putting MLB Extra Innings on DirecTV & just how FEW People do you want to reach, Bud? & YOU OWNED the Milwaukee Brewers? Bwahahahahahahaha;

Timothy Brosnan of MLB, in explaining how DirecTV will reach more viewers. Just WHAT did The Marist Brothers Teach You? That 1+1=17,500? Bwahahahahaha;

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg-Eccentric, Dictatorial Billionaires must NEVER run for Office. Imagine H.Ross Perot as President-Yikes! I think that you get the picture;

&, as always, the usual list of Suspects;

Steve Sertell, GM of "The Riviera";



Rupert Murdoch(FOX);

Ted Turner(Why Not);

Michael Kay(Just How Do The Holocost & No Hitters Mix);

Derek Sanderson Jeter(The Straw Which Stirs The Apples & Oranges Mash Drink Called DFYankees-Selfish Little S---, thinks he must be worshipped);

Alexander Emanuel Rodriguez(A-Fraud); 'Nuff Said;

David Hill(Executive Producer-FOX Sports);

Ken "The Hawk" Harrelson(A Shill's Shill, who makes me wanna puke);

Joe Buck-Sarcastic, Smart-Arse Commentator on "FOX Saturday Baseball", who prompts Tim Mc Carver into some "Fact" or other Dumb Comment. Bwahahahahaha;

Thom Brenamann-Another "FOX Saturday Baseball" Dim Bulb, who mocked a Legally-Blind Mets Fan, during '06 NLDS Coverage. A Friggin' BRILLIANT;

Albert Puljols(Barry Bonds Wannabe)-Same "Class" as Barry Bonds(NONE). The only Muscle, you haven't strained so far is your "Love" Muscle;

Barry Bonds-LOWLIFE Champion Of The World;

Jason Giambi-NOT knowing WHAT he was apologising for, in an '05 Press Conference & WHY does your weight fluctuate from August to September like that;

Tim Mc Carver-"BRONSON, not BRANDON", Tim! Actively CAMPAIGNED on the air for Derek Jeter's "Canonization For Sainthood", I mean, campaigned to have Jeter named AL MVP;
10 Mentions about Bucky Dent's 1978 Homer, during Yankees-Red Sox Game on FOX. Kept talking about some interview where Former Yankees Pitcher, Jon Lieber, mentioned how the Red Sox wished the Yankees, good luck in what looked to be an impending appearance in the '04 World Series against the Cardinals, which the Red Sox Won, when the Yankees BLEW a 3-0 Lead in the '04 ALCS. Dave Roberts stole that base in the '04 ALCS, NOT the NLCS;

NY Mets General Partner, Jeff Wilpon-Aaron Sele, Jeff? What Planet do you live on? Is he the "New Trachsel?" 'Nuff Said;

Steve Phillips of ESPN's "Baseball Tonight"-George COSTANZA would make a BETTER GM than you do;

Dan Shaughnessy of The Boston Globe(A NY Times Company)-you're as beloved in Boston & in Red Sox Nation, as the Late Dick Young(NY Daily News & NY Post)was with Mets Fans(NOT);

Translated from the Latin, my phrase simply means

"F--- 'EM";



Blogger laura said...

Oh I love when you list the people you don't like, and you know I especially love the "Bronson not Brandon" part because I always wondered why he made the mistake so many times. He must be mentally challenged, I think.

You could probably write about McCarver every day and still never completely cover the depth of his ineptitude. And I'd love every minute of it!

10:01 PM  
Blogger Kaylee said...

"Aaron Sele, Jeff? What Planet do you live on? Is he the "New Trachsel?" 'Nuff Said;"
I dunno but,He sure is pitching like he is!Great post I agree most of the names.TIM neever get anybodys name right BRandon where did he get that out of BRONSON from???????.

12:26 AM  
Blogger Peter N said...

Names aside, I remember the Hawk when he tragically had to take over in rightfield for the eventually mortally injured Tony C. Hit in the head in his prime. And Hawk was such a huge part of the success for the "Cardiac Kids" of '67. Now, 30 years (WOW!!) later, he might be annoying. But he was clutch in '67, with his outfield mates MVP Yaz and the always amazing Reggie Smith. So I'll never hold any ill will....the Hawk soared in '67, and we soared with him. On the wind, and so close to a Series campionship. But it was Bob Gibson who quashed that dream, the FIRST Red Sox blow to my heart. There have been others, but then...then there was 2004. Thanks Michael.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I had no doubt about Hawk on the field. It's in the booth, where annoys me. Tim will keep us bloggers busy, starting April 7th on FOX.

5:04 PM  

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