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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tinpot Dunleavy & Bud Selig, This Says It All

1st is Bud:

Much of the USA lives in Tall Buildings, so DirecTV Dishes are a PROBLEM, so many of use will pour a Kings Ransom to some Sporting Pub to watch The Red Sox, so thanks Dude for NOTHING;

2nd is ONE Mr John Dunleavy, of the St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee;

When my father's brother came back from WWII, he was a WWII Veteran, descended from such bloodlines as Foley, Kelly, O'Brien & Mc Loughlin. He joined the NYC Fire Department in 1945 & was with them 24 Years before his passing from Natural Causes in the Year of The 1st Man on The Moon & the NY Mets 1st World Championship. As he was born in 1910 in Brooklyn, NY, he was 8 when the Red Sox won that Fabled(In Yankees Fans Catcalls)1918 World Championship;

Mind you, he would be heartbroken by your IDIOTIC Actions, of marching the FDNY @ the Middle of The Parade, because of petty bulls---, being perped by you. Just Who the F--- do you think you are? A VENGEFUL Former Mayor of NYC(1978-1989), who's a Media Celebrity? You may think that YOU'RE "The Show" & if it were a Series(Preferably on FOX), it would SUCK;

On Tuesday, 091101, the FDNY lost 346 Members of That Service at The World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan. They Assisted the New Orleans FD & NOFD said Thanks;

Ohhhh, regulations!
Tinpot D---heads like you, are an EMBARRASSMENT. Too bad "Paulie & Sally Babe" aren't around. I'd pay to watch that on Pay-Per-View;

I thank my friend from County Wexford, Eire(Or is it Ozone Park, County Queens, NY), for sending me this Illustration. It shows just what Selig & Dunleavy can do;

Click on the Title, as my friend in Wexford, has some Oddly-Humourous Ideas about the world;


Michael(& I'll Be Marching on 5th Avenue, this Saturday);

PS: Dunleavy would probably put the "FOX Saturday Baseball" Crew i/f/o the FDNY.


Blogger Suldog said...

Amen. The FDNY should be leading the pack.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Indeed they should, Jim! & Dunleavey should be saluted by 2M Parade Spectators-all of them using 1 finger. & he should be forced to sit in the "FOX" Booth with Buck & Mc Carver, for his penance.

6:47 PM  

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