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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"March 29th In My Time-The Knights Of Columbus-The Boston Red Sox-The NY Mets-& Dad"

Throughout much of the world, the Catholic Fraternal Order, the Knights of Columbus, will be 125 Years Old(Or Young), tomorrow. They, who pay for the Satellite Up & Downlinks, for Papal Events, are my Primary Catholic Order. I joined them in my old Brooklyn Neighborhood, the same one where Henry Hill & The "Goodfellas" once roamed around in, years ago;
Tomorrow would have been Dad's 87th Birthday, but he passed on in February, 2000, just before that Season, where the Mets battled the Yankees in the Last World Series of the 20th Century, 4 years before the "Coming(OUT-LOL) of A-Fraud";
I was honoured that he jeweled me at my 1st Installation of Officers Ceremony, when I was elected Grand Knight of a Council in East Glendale, Queens. I shed a tear, as he did this. He came up to me on a cane, uttering his words to the assembled over 100 Guests, "Whatever you do, folks, don't get old." I think that I've inherited his sense of humour & ability to use the occasional wise-crack. He was NEVER a Knight, but was the Father of a Past Grand Knight(Me), hence the Great Turnout for his wake from my Brother Knights;
In a lesson about rooting for the Underdog, it was on 09/02/66, that I was taken to my 1st MLB Game. He would NOT take me up to "The Toilet" in The Bronx, as the Yankees & their "Fans", are, even today, so accustomed to WINNING(&, currently, WHINING & Bragging), that I needed to see an underdog. That Game, Mets & Phillies @ Shea Stadium, was lost by the Mets, 6-0. I now started to root for that Bunch of Underdogs(Yes, they do drive me to drink, but so do Yankee Fans);
& the Mets drove me to drink, like it was BOTH St. Patrick's Day & New Years' Eve, during the '06 NLCS(Especially when you add in the Buck & Mc Carver-FOX Factor);

A next door neighbour of mine, helped me break in on the Boston Red Sox, in the "Miracle of 1967" Team of YAZ, Lonborg, Conig & Company. I learned NEVER to root for DFYankees;

Dad was right. There's more satisfaction in rooting for an Underdog, than for a WINNER. 2004 & 1969 are DEFINING Underdog Moments;

& the Knights Of Columbus helped me get my City of NY Career, jump started, in May, '83 & I'm honoured to be a member of that same council, where that former Dept of Sanitation Chief, is now located;

& a Knights Of Columbus Joint Trip to Fenway Park, out of Glendale, Queens & Arlington, MA, cemented my love of all things SOX;

"Vivat Jesus";

Thanks, Dad;

Fraternally Yours;

Mike, a Past Grand Knight In Queens, NY


Blogger Peter N said...

Great writing ML!!!!!! I enjoyed so much....

10:22 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Thanks, Peter:



11:12 AM  
Blogger Anita Moore said...

You know, Michael, there's no reason you couldn't be a Knight AND a Third Order Dominican. Think about it!

1:34 AM  

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