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Saturday, March 10, 2007

"Announcer Boy" Don Orsillo Ups For 3 More Years On NESN

Click on the title above. He, the TV Colleague of Gerald Peter Remy, "DO" or Don Orsillo, or "Necktie Boy"(Take Your Pick), is back for 3 More Years, on NESN, for more Red Sox Baseball(Ruffles & Flourishes):

Last season, I remember when Dennis Leary & Al Clarke, came into the booth, in promoting Leary's Firefighters' Foundation, when Al Clarke went on about Gabe Kapler & Kevin Youklis, not standing a chance, if Mel Gibson had owned the Red Sox, as Gabe & Kevin are Jewish. I laughed(Hard)as I witnessed Jerry & Don, almost falling on the floor from laughing so hard. With Al Clarke's memorable "He Mel, we've got a Jewish 1st Baseman, Gabe Kapler & a Jewish 3rd Baseman, Kevin Youklis. Eat your heart out, Mel Gibson", no wonder RemDawg & "Announcer Boy" were laughing so hard that one could puke;

In my "FOX Saturday Baseball" Send Up in January, where Tim Mc Carver is the butt of the Send Up, Orsillo & Remy are cackling with laughter, after one DUMB Tim Comment after another, making the FOX booth, just like the NESN booth;

Congrats, Donny O!



Blogger Peter N said...

Great article, and so nice just to be able to click on the title. Wow! And yes, Orsillo and Rems make it fun....

9:45 AM  
Blogger Katiee said...

Don Orsillo + Jerry Remy + baseball= amazing

3:59 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

That's a fun duo to listen to. Some years ago on FOX, I had the grand pleasure of Kenny Albert & RemDawg, working a game & had fun with it. Wally was in the FOX Booth. @ least, Mc Carver was NOWHERE to be seen.

8:35 PM  

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