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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"The Verbal Fellating Of Tony La Russa" Brought To You By Those Arsecaps @ MSG Network"

Like Dean Wormer of Faber College, said in "Animal House" in 1978:


This is about a Cable TV Regional Network, based in NYC @ Madison Square Garden, home to 2 Basketball & 1 Hockey Team, all of which are considered to be BAD Jokes. Unfortunately, it's called MSG Network. Let me elaborate, in ways that Tim Mc Carver wouldn't even dream of, on his best day;

They once held the TV Rights to the following teams;
The NBA Knicks(BAD Joke #1), the NHL Rangers(Bad Joke #2), the WNBA Liberty(Bad Joke #3), the MSL Red Bulls-New York, the NHL NJ Devils, the NBA NJ Nets, the NHL NY Islanders(Sorta Bad Joke #4), the NY-PA League Brooklyn Cyclones, the NY Mets(Bad Joke #5 from '02 to '04) & the NY Yankees(Bad Joke #6, now that they have A-Rod, as well as the period of 1982 to 1994), & the Staten Island Yankees(2001);
With The Combo of MSG Networks, including FOX Sports Net-NY & Metro Channels, you really had an empire. Adding the NHL Buffalo Sabres to the MSG Network Northwest Feed, cemented that empire of yours;

Then, the Bottom fell out in '02, as the NY Yankees & NJ Nets, & S. I. Yankees, formed the YES Network, which the Cablevision Cabal tried to silence, by blocking from Cablevision's systems in the NY Area. Both sides compromised & Cablevision now sponsors the "I-O Digital Cable Pre & Post-Game Shows" on YES;

It was 2006, when the Mets & Company, premiered their own Network, called SNY(Sportsnet New York). Things got so bad that Murdoch's News Corporation(FOX Sports) bailed out of the Garden Deal;

This leaves only the Garden-Owned Teams+the Devils, Islanders & Red Bulls, as programming. A HUGE VOID was created when the Mets set up their Network, with Comcast & Time Warner as partners. Cablevision owns MSG & the MSG Networks. Their heads are the Dolan Duo of Charles & Jim Dolan;

The Mets Deal really sent MSG Network over to part time status, so they need filler programming;

Was watching the Knicks-Magic on MSG last night, in an Irish place on Woodhaven Blvd last night. The Knicks lost, like I give a Flying F---. It's what transpired, afterwards. The Mets were on SNY, but this place is a Friggin' Yankees-Haven, so I was at the place's mercy;

I've heard of Sore-Losers, but these guys make the Bleacher Creatures in Yankee Stadium, seem tame by comparison. They had on a show, called "Halls Of Fame" with Exceptionally-Annoying & Explosively-BORING Fran Healy, as Host;

Healy had a home-run call on the MSG Network Mets Telecasts, which combined the calls made by Red Sox Radio Guys, Jerry Trupiano & Joe Castiglione & Yankees Legend, Mel Allen, with a Touch of Phil Rizzuto. How Un-Original can you be, Dude! He was only-SLIGHTLY-LESS Annoying than YES Network's Michael Kay, if only because Healy didn't work "Holocost" & "No-Hitter" into the same sentence;

This was NOT filler programming, in the usual sense of the word. Only MSG Network could call it filler programming. It was intended to ruin the evening for Mets Fans, as the Mets are on SNY. It's a chance by Yankees Fans to torment the Crosstown Fans of the Mets & Supporters in Red Sox Nation;

The load of Highlights to promote Tony La Russa's Candidacy for Sainthood on NY TV, set me in motion to take back the awful things I've said about Tim Mc Carver & Joe Buck(OK, probably not that desperate a move, though that duo annoys me less);

La Russa's Cats? My friend has 8 cats & I don't see MSG doing a special about him. Do I trust a manager who wears sunglasses like a lounge lizard, at 8:37PM-Eastern & doesn't remember Canseco & Mc Gwire using "The Juice"?

MSG emphasising the Mets Loss? Are the Dolans, jealous "Arse-Caps" or WHAT!
What next, MSG? Roger Clemens being hailed as a hero, for BEANING Mike Piazza? Specials about the Heroics of Bucky Dent & Aaron Boone? Why Curt Schilling has "666" on his forehead? Why Tom Seaver was a big NOTHING?

I know why La Russa got tipsy-he watched the '06 World Series Highlights(LOLOLOLOLOL);

Add The Dolans & Fran Healy to my "F--- The Riv'" List;

& the Knicks & Rangers can keep on losing until the Dolans get out;

You BASTARDS even chased the Jets to NJ-@least they would've paid taxes, unlike your so-called "Church" called Madison Square Garden. I know Knights Of Columbus Councils, which pay more real estate tax, than the Garden does;

& George Costanza can run The Garden, better than The Dolans Can!



Blogger laura said...

Aww man, all I could focus on was the Knicks! I am a HUUUUGE Knicks fan from back in the day and I even still like them today in spite of the badness. That is my NY team, since I went against the Yankees and obviously chose Boston!

8:41 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...


I just DESPISE the OWNERSHIP, which is those a-holes from Cablevision;

Their La Russa special, made me sick.

8:51 PM  
Blogger Peter N said...

Michael, off-topic... I had to, just now, after reading the NY Times Murray Chass article, give it to him...big time. I hope I restrained myself sufficiently. But there's a part of me that could have been let out of my cage. Comment..maybe??
Thanks, Pete

11:13 AM  
Blogger Suldog said...

Why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel, Michael? Don't hold it in.

Seriously, it must take major planning to buy your cable packages in NY, depending upon your allegiances.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Murray Chass?
The CHB?
Madison Square Garden?
F--- 'EM!

1:09 PM  

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