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Monday, December 31, 2007

@ My Red Sox New Year's Eve HQ

For the past 2 Eve's, legendary Red Sox East Side Irish Pub, The Hairy Monk, has been my HQ for revelry. It's jammed here. I'll be here when the ball drops in Times Square. We're following this live on FOX. Mike-RSN-NYC-QUEENS


To Those Of You Who Are Unaware That January 1st Is A Holy Day Of Obligation Within The Octave Of Christmas

It is NOT The Feast Of The $1 Beer. Rather it's "The Solemnity Of Mary, Mother Of God The Son". This is When Mary Ponders all things in Her Heart, as Jesus is Taken To The Temple, in according with the Mosaic Law, & Presented & Circumcised in accordance with Jewish Law:

As a child in Brooklyn, I remember a Full Sunday Schedule of Masses on this Feast Within Christmas;

Have fun tomorrow as the Mass Schedule is like that of an Ordinary Weekday, like it was NOTHING;

Pray For Priestly Vocations, so we can have a Full Sunday Schedule On Holy Days Of Obligation;

Hail Mary, Full Of Grace, The Lord Is With Thee, Blessed Art Thou Amongst Women & Blessed Is The Fruit Of Thy Womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother Of God, Pray For Us Sinners, Now & @ The Hour Of Our Death, Amen;

Venite' Adoremus, Dominum;

Beate' Maria Semper Virgine;

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen;

Happy New Year;


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Starting Tomorrow It'll Be 46 Days To The Start Of Spring Training

@ Least that Pitchers & Catchers will report to Spring Training, followed by the rest of the troops a week later:

Then, it's March & Exhibition Season;

& "Roidger" will be NOWHERE to be seen. Who needs that Big-Headed, Over-roided Fat F--- around, anyway;

The Red Sox will open up vs Oakland, in Japan in Late March;

Shea Stadium will be open for 1 LAST Season, with Fans wondering just how much Jeffy Wilpon tied Omar's Hands;

& then on April 5th, on Television, People will suddenly hear the Most-Feared Words in Baseball Broadcasting, as follows;
"I'm Joe Buck & I'll Be Joined in a moment by Tim Mc Carver";

The Season begins along with the Silly Season on FOX, & on Sundays on TBS, with Chip Caray(Please, NO);

I can only take so much of the NBA & NHL. I want my BASEBALL Back. & The NFL Network doesn't cut it for me;

Oh, Well!

Happy New Year;

Venite' Adoremus, Dominum;


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"It's The Bloody English, I'll Tell Ya"

Outside of St Thomas Apostle Church in Woodhaven, Queens, after the 11:00AM Mass, I spoke with the Irish-Born Nurse, who gave me reports on the 2nd Generation East NY Brooklyn, known officially in Gaelic as Eire. She had just spoken to the Indian Born Priest-Mass Celebrant. He said that Indians & Pakistanis got along just fine until the English played their game of divide & conquer:

Add the Bloody English to my "Riviera Diss List" & it'll be a Great End to 2007;

Where does a Bad Irishman go, when he dies? ENGLAND;

This is a country which brought a CONFEDERATE Church to our Shores, a Church claiming to be BOTH Catholic & Protestant, ruled by a Monarchy, who had this thing about Annulments & Divorces. One wonders WHY the American Divorce Rate is so high;

They bring us a Fraternal Society of Utter Secrecy & Philosophy, which forgets about God, from a place called the United Grand Lodge Of England;

Luckily, they have no more Empire, save for the British Virgin Islands, the Falkland Islands & Bermuda, though The Queen rules that Confederate Mess called the Anglican Communion. Westminster(Catholic) is growing whilst Canterbury(Anglican) is coming apart at the seams;

Like "Fitzy" would say to England, I will say it as well & it's "Go F--- Yourselves";


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There's Trouble In Europe's Most-Prosperous Country

That country has a Cocaine Epidemic & a Heroin Epidemic & is attempting to go it alone without God in the picture:

It's a country where people drive their vehicles on the left side of the road, using a right sided steering wheel;

Since when did Ireland become the Next-Generation Version of East New York, Brooklyn?

The Gardai has problems. It may be time to import some NYPD Fire Power;

As a member of the European Union, Eire has become a real Economic Power & Tax Haven, with many American Corporations basing their European Operations there;

Also as a EU State, Ireland has to accept tremendous Immigration. There's a Huge POLISH Community in Dublin. Africans from Nigeria are settling in the Country as well. It's becoming as if another version of the 7 Train through Queens, complete with Cocaine Cowboys;

3 Irish Starlets, collapsed from Cocaine & Heroin Overdoses. This information about their narcotics problem, was culled from an Irish-Born Nurse, living in Woodhaven, Queens, where I reside;

The Irish Police(Gardai) cannot go it alone. Get Brooklyn North-NYPD in there or Queens North;



Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last Night's "Parcells Bowl" Could Never Have Been Better

Sadly though, it was played in NJ, in a Town called East Rutherford:

The NFL Network is a Bad Joke, which is WHY I'm Glad by the Fact the Game was on CBS & NBC, reminding me of the importance. For you see, CBS & NBC were last simulcasting a Game called Super Bowl I, on January 15th, 1967. CBS was the Traditional NFL Network, while NBC Sports represented the old AFL;

& The Game played like The Super Bowl, the way Super Bowls were meant to be played;

As to WHY I call this Game "The Parcells Bowl", well I have to consider that in '85 & '90 NFL Seasons, both Mr Bellichik & Mr Coughlin were Coaches for Bill Parcells in the Giants 2 Great Super Bowl Teams;

Mr Bellichik won, but while Sweating Out a Game, hence leading the NE Patriots to a 16-0 Season, causing the '72 Miami Dolphins to leave their Champagne on Ice;

Mr Tom Brady can go back to Greenwich Village with his Head held High, with the final of 38-35;

The Parcells Bowl, causes me to have Much-grander respect for Tommy Coughlin;

Eli Manning was great, too, but he ain't no Peyton Manning, his brother;

Who, What A Nail-Biter!



Saturday, December 29, 2007

Watch The Perfection Tonight on NBC, CBS, NFLN & WWOR

Patriots @ Giants @ 8:00PM from Giants Stadium on your choice of Network & 1 Feed:

The 1972 Miami Dolphins are a bunch of bitter ol' men;

Just a Thought;



Friday, December 28, 2007

With The Mac With iLife & A Camera

Comes the Premiere of Free Throw Studios. Video will be online on this site with highlights & commentary. The contest will be @ 3pm on Saturday, 01 19 08 @ PS 101Q @ 19 Russell Place in Forest Hills Gardens. It should be fun.


I Have Sight, Yet I Didn't See

Little did I know, but standing in front of me, while waiting for the Q55 Bus @ Wycoff & Myrtle Avenues, was a blind man. Coming across Palmetto Street was a dark-skinned male, wearing a Yankees cap. He took the blind guy to the front of the line so the blind man could get on the Q55 Bus. Well Done, whoever you are!


A Look Back At 2007-It Has Been An Interesting Year

I knew the Red Sox were going to be fabulous, but Japanese Pitchers do NOT have a long shelf life in the States & neither do Korean Pitchers:

I remembered that in Asia, particularly Chinese Taipei(Taiwan or Nationalist Republic Of China) & Japan & The Philippines, that often that 1st Birthday, does not start until one is actually 3 Years old. It was a Bone Of Contention which led to changes in the Age Determination of who plays Little League Baseball. A standard, namely the American Standard of Age, is currently used. It was discovered that in some of the Little League World Series, Taiwanese, & Japanese players were 2 years older than their American Counterparts. One LLWS Title was stripped from The Philippines, when it was discovered that the Asian Standard of Age Reporting, was used;

In the case of Daisuke Matsuzaka, @ reported age of 27, he might actually be 29, going on 30. If he keeps throwing the Fastball, well, I have a feeling he'll be a burnout case, sooner than you think;

On who was smoking Ganja, imported in Peanut Butter Jars from the Bowels of Shea Stadium, to trade for Broken Down Ex-Roid Poster Boy, Eric Gagme, I mean, Gagne'? He was breaking down in Texas, so when he got to the Red Sox, he really showed his stuff by blowing games & overcrowding The Cask 'N Flagon, after one of his appearances, which included allowing balls to sail onto Lansdowne Street in Boston & Eutaw Street in Baltimore, causing the Red Sox to lose ground. In a sense, I'm glad that he SUCKED this year because the Red Sox would've been accused of having someone on their roster, who was JUICED, while doing well. At least the Red Sox will get 2 Good Draft Choices out of this Near Disaster;

Will the NY Mets stop PISSING THEIR FAN BASE OFF? Downgrading after a Championship Run, so the New Ball Park can rise behind the CF Fence in record time, is tantamount to telling the Ol' Shea Denizens to Go F--- Themselves. I was amazed that the Team, a JUNK Pile, actually stayed in 1st Place as long as they did, with all the Downgrading. Are NY Mets fans correct in thinking that Jeff Wilpon is a Wannabe Skinflint, with all the Charisma of The Dolans @ Cablevision-MSG+all their Stupidity? Jeffy? Your team was dull & uninspiring because YOU got in Senor Minaya's Way. While you're @ it, DUMP That FRAUD, Rick Peterson, another Pretender. & "Paulie Of Bensonhurst" Lo Duca, expect the "Roid Boy" Chant, when you come in;

Roidger, you Phony Fat F---, I'm glad your done like burned hamburger. You & Your Domestic Partner, Andy, can get lost;

My rage against The Dolans-You cost NYC a TAXPAYING NFL Football Team with ALL Your Chicanery against the NY Jets & all you have to show for it is the NBA Knicks & Guys like Isaiah Thomas, who has a LOSER out there, pissing off Fans & Arrivistas, alike, while The Gareden Pays No Real Estate Taxes. WHY are you guys getting treated as if you're running a Church? Have the Knicks, Rangers & Liberty earned the Honor of Being Worshipped? These guys can't WALK ON WATER, Change Water into Wine, or most of all in the Knicks Case, WIN;

@ least The Latin Mass will be More-Plentiful

Happy '08, Everyone;


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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"60 Minutes" Soft Soap Alert-Yankees Fan Mike Wallace To Interview "The Dayton Doughnut"

Please! Spare Me!

Mr Mike Wallace, something of a Favourite Of Mine, going back to 1967 when "60 Minutes" was a Once A Month Show on CBS & can be hard-hitting, as it turns out, has been a Guest in George Steinbrenner's Bawx(Suzyn Waldman's Pronunciation) @ Yankthese Games, over the past several seasons;

He's going to interview an Old Friend From Texas, who pitched for The Yankmes;

I refer to the Guy From Texas as "The Dayton Doughnut", because he's originally from OHIO, not Texas & he is big & was called "The Texas Con Man" by the Late Will Mc Donaugh;

Yes, Mike Wallace, originally from The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts, will be interviewing a man, whose Wife, Debbie, calls "My Billy";

The Man who's the Subject of this interview is William Roger Clemens;

William R., will probably tell all of New England, Fitzy-Style "Y'all can GFY" & & be spending the evening in Denial, which, BTW, is NOT a River in Egypt;

This Will be on Sunday, January 6th, The Feast Of The Epiphany(Greek For Revelation). Methinks that William R., will be Very-Revealing by his uncomfortable Body Language;

Enjoy a Pint or 3 of Some Harpoon Ale, while listening to that Dude From OHIO;

Pax Vobiscum;

Venite Adoremus, Dominum;

It'll be on WBZ-TV-CBS4 in Boston & WCBS2 in NY;

Mike-Red Sox Nation(RSN)-NYC-Queens

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Christmas Miracle In War

This was part of a Homily, delivered so-eloquently by my Pastor, The Reverend Father William Hoppe, @ the 11:00AM High Mass, @ St Thomas Apostle Church, on 87th Street in Woodhaven, Queens. I'm Delighted to Bring You this story, coming from 1914, in the Year of The Boston Braves Miracle World Championship, concurrent with the Start of "The Great War":

Because of the Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand Of Austro-Hungary, in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Europeans took sides in this soon to be conflict. The French & British supported Serbia, while Germany supported Austro Hungary;

It was December 24th, 1914 & a German Soldier yelled in English "Stop Shooting. It's Christmas Time." A truce was called on both sides of the conflict. In fact, the Soldiers of both sides got together, partied & played Football(Soccer) & listened to some singing from a German Soldier who used to work in the Hotels & Cabarets of London;

For 36 Hours, soldiers from both sides, fraternized, which did not sit well with the Senior Officers on both Sides of The Conflict;

Christ came between these sides, for the Celebration of His Feast;

That War ended in 1918, with worse consequences to come, in WWII;

As a side-note from me-it was a Freemason, as part of a Masonic Clique, who assassinated the Archduke, in the name of liberating Serbia;

The War was fought with 20th Century Equipment & 19th Century Tactics, but still a Bloody Mess;

For Both Sides Of The Conflict, for those Killed;

In Memorium Et In Paradisium;

Venite Adoremus, Dominum;

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen;

Michaelum In Queens, NY.

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It's On This Night Of Wonder, I've Been Watching EWTN

You have read me, correctly:



No "Sports Center";

Mass from The National Basilica Shrine Of The Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, celebrated by The Apostolic Nuncio From The Holy See To This Country;

This is NOT About Santa Claus;

This Is The Gift Of God The Father Of His ONLY-BEGOTTEN, Not Made, Son, The Christ, letting the World Know, that there is Hope, because of The Father's Charity;

The Music was Classically-Played & Sung-No Haugen JUNK- All Of It PRAISEWORTHY, as it should always be;

Msgr Rossi, the Master Of Ceremonies for The National Shrine Basilica, thanked EWTN for telecasting this Mass. Special Mention was made to The Knights Of Columbus, for paying for The Satellite Transmission of this Mass, throughout the World. Again, my eyes grew teary @ that Mention Of The Order;

It was @ World Youth Day, in Metro Manilla in 1997, when the Order got pressed into Service, as the Papal Mass was about to lose the Satellite Transmission. It was a HUGE Mob Scene. Somebody had to get to The Supreme Knight, Virgil C Dechant with a Cell Phone. Coverage was being provided by EWTN. It was 5 Minutes to losing the feed. Then, Dechant made the Announcement that the K Of C had authorized an extra $400K, to keep the satellite feed going. World Youth Day stayed on the Air;

& YOU think we're all about beer & pretzels in our Local Councils. Without The Knights Of Columbus, there's no cash to keep a Papal Ceremony on the Air, Worldwide;

Merry Christmas;

Venite Adoremus, Dominum;

Mike-RSN-NYC-Queens-P G K

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Monday, December 24, 2007

A Word To Those Watching The Midnight Mass From St Peter's Basilica

John Cardinal Foley, President Of The Pontifical Council For Social Communications, is the Commentator for Tonight's Mass on NBC & EWTN. He will be working Solo & there will be moments of no commentary:

The Satellite Uplink is paid for by The Knights Of Columbus. The Order also pays for the Downlink in Mission Countries. It is on this Wonderous Night, that I'm Proud & Glad to be Part Of The Knights Of Columbus. I even get a little Teary Eyed, thinking about this;

Mercifully, you will NOT be listening to either of THESE Two, this evening, as I can Imagine that the Man On The Right Side, would be cutting one of those Altar Boy Jokes from Latin Phrases;

Pax Vobiscum;

Venite Adoremus, Dominum;

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen;


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Things I'm Grateful Over Christmas Time

The Return Of The Latin Mass & An Appreciation of The Beauty Of Gregorian Chant:

The Tiger & Leopard Versions of Mac OS X(Windows Does NOT Cut it For Me);

The 2nd World Series Championship Of The Boston Red Sox in 4 Years;

The TOTAL ILLEGITIMACY Of the 2000 WS Champion* NY Yankees(Better Conditioning Through Syringe Therapy);

My Brother Who Gave me the disk to put OS X-Leopard on my eMac;

iWork, an amazing Office Suite of Applications, taking the drugery out of writing;

My Friends & Business Associates in the Knights Of Columbus & Ancient Order Of Hibernians, as well as my new favorite place for tension release, The Moose;

My Fellow & Sister Red Sox Bloggers & Mets Bloggers;

& The Great Realization That Christmas is NOT Confinded to December 25th, Like Madison Avenue Thinks It Is;

Merry Christmas;



Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh, BTW, THIS Guy Doesn't Salute The 2000 WS Champion* NY Yankees

Though Old George Believes In Victory @ All Costs, this Championship* cost him his Pride in 2000:

& "Roidger" Cost Him A Lot Of Money, as well as Pride;


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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Today, @ 1:08AM, EST, Winter Began In Anticipation Of The Light Of Christ

It's The Shortest & Darkest Day Of The Year, but Winter is NOT The Darkest Time Of The Year, as that falls to Autumn. It gets lighter from tomorrow onward:

& into The Light of The Christmas Season, which does not consist of Christmas Day, ALONE, which is what Advertisers would lead you to believe;

Next Sunday, as part of The Christmas Celebration, is Feast Of The Holy Family;

On December 26th, in the British Commonwealth, is St Stephen's Day(Oft Called Boxing Day, which has NOTHING to do with Don King's Sport). On December 27th is The Feast Of St John The Baptizer, while on December 31st, is St Sylvester I, Pope @ The Time Of Constantine;

On January 1st, it's not MERELY New Years Day, but Known in the Catholic Church Calendar as "Solemnity Of Mary, Mother Of God". According to The Church Calendar in The Traditional Form, This is also called "Feast Of The Circumcision", as The Child Jesus was presented in The Temple. So, if you plan to party 'til Dawn on New Year's Day, I advise you to catch Evening Mass, on December 31st;

On January 6th, it's Epiphany or "Little Christmas", when the the 3 Wise Men, presented Jesus with Gifts Of Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh. It's the Tradition in Spanish Speaking Countries, to present the gifts to Family & Friends;

It's a Time Of Worship, Thanksgiving & Celebration;

Finally, Christmas Official Celebration ends in '08, on January 13th, with "Baptism Of The Lord";

Christmas is NOT merely December 25th, but a Longer Celebration & Celebration Of The Christ In Stages;

Venite Adoremus, Dominum;


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For Your Need To Laugh Or to Barf-Just Click On The Title-Thanks!

This is a Classic. It's the Return of Roger Clemens to The Yankees. & Suzyn Waldman will cause you to laugh & barf at the Same Time. Just Click on The Title>Thanks!


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The 5 MOST-DESPISED Men In Brooklyn

I know that you've waited awhile for this & WHY these 5 are so HATED In Brooklyn, of which 4 Could've Been elected by The Veterans Committee for the Baseball Hall Of Fame, just for infamy alone, in the Borough of Brooklyn:

Adolf Hitler, a Mass-Murderer, who blitzkrieged his way across Europe & North Africa & ordering the Butchering Of Jews & Polish Christians. Picture's being used to line Bird Cages & Cat-Litter Boxes in Greenpoint & Williamsburgh & Flatbush-Midwood, Brooklyn;

Josef Stalin, whose Man Made Famine in the Ukraine, starved millions to death & murdered Christians & Jews, despised in the same Brooklyn Neighborhoods;

Robert Moses & his destruction of Neighborhoods, by building the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway & every imagineable parkway, uprooting families from their homes, as well as for plans to locate the Brooklyn Dodgers by the Grand Central(Northern State) Parkway & Van Wyck Expressway, in a Stadium built on the Site Of a Garbage Dump. Plans for his great big Parking Garage, @ Atlantic Avenue & Flatbush Avenue, over the Long Island Railroad Yards, never materialized. The Dodgers Left Brooklyn & THAT Broke a lotta hearts;

Walter Francis O'Malley, in a younger pose, without his cigar, as Owner of The Brooklyn Dodgers, the Original "America's Team". Ya coudda waited, but ya hadda run outta here;

Of dese 4 , ONLY Walter O'Malley was elected to Baseball's Hall Of Fame;

The 5th is HATED by The New England Diaspora in the 5 Boroughs, as well as by Mets Fans(Piazza's Beaning by this Over-Roided, Fat F---, PO#2). Roger Clemens is just here for Good Measure & will crash like Pete Rose, for being such a liar, in regards to Wistrol & every other Steroid he could inject into his arse. He isn't going into Baseball's Hall Of Fame, unless he buys a ticket to watch Mike Piazza's Induction;

5 of da most-hated men in th history of Brooklyn, NY;

Mike-RSN-NYC-Queens-Proud Native of Brooklyn, NY


Friday, December 21, 2007

The Ramp Is Gone-Shea's Next

You leave the IRT #7 Train @ Willets Point Blvd-Shea Stadium, & normally you go down a Steel Ramp, & disembark from the 7 Train:

It was a place where you could grab a Glimpse of a Mets Game or the Shea Field;

It's GONE;

It's going to be a bit rough getting to Shea by 7 Train for next season, as well as leaving Shea Stadium;

It's the Start of The Shea Stadium Demolition, bit by bit;

It's the Beginning of The End;

There might be a tear shed by me;


PS-Last Chance For Red Sox Nation to come to the Site Of Game 6 Of The 1986 World Series;

For me, it's a chance to thank my folks, now gone, who took me to the place that was NOT Yankee Stadium;



I've Made The Leap Up To Leopard(Mac OS X-10.5.1)

From what I gathered, in using in Tiger, I loved the 2 months of Tiger(10.4.12), but have gone up to Leopard, which adds more-functionality, not to mention, eye candy, somewhat pleasing to the eye:

I took my eMac, a nice combo drive 1 Ghz Machine, purchased in Early October & installed the Operating System;

Luckily, I was NOT installing MS Vista, said to be nothing more than Windows XP with a few extras, & in some cases, takes 6.5 to 7 Hours to install. This is Apple, after all, where ease of use is paramount;

Time Machine allows you to save & back up your files, to an external HD;

Leopard means the end of having to use Classic Mode, as that's not supported(Mac OS 9.X.X). This also means that I've grown up enough to the point that Mac OS 9 is really past tense. Once you've gone over to Mac OS X & have gotten used to it, you really feel that you have no need for it. The Transition is Finished;

I've used Mac @ home, ONLY. It's a lot more-relaxing using that than using a Windows Machine & can use programs comparable to MS Office, without having to pay the MS Office Tax, though I just might get a Copy of MS Office:Mac '08 & have it around;

&, STILL No Viruses, which is the BEAUTY of Mac OS X, which gets better as it goes along. I can breathe easier than if I had to use a Windows Machine, brand new;

& with G4 Machines of 867 Mhz or Greater, on sale for the right price, I don't have to pay top $ for the Mac Experience. Who needs a Windows Top Line Machine, which is there for more-headaches? I don't, that's for sure;

& Microsoft Office:Mac is surely a lot more-fun;

The Basic Installation of Leopard was 1 Hour & 15 Minutes on this 1 Ghz Machine with Combo Drive. Extra Packages of Programs took an Additional 45 Minutes. It's 4.5 to 5 Hours less than it takes to install Vista & more automatized than installing Jaguar(10.2.8) almost 3 years ago;

I did manage to get some sleep, so here I am;



Thursday, December 20, 2007

The 10th Member of the 2000 World Series Champion Yankees* Named As A Steroid User

Allen Watson J'R of Middle Village, Queens & Graduate Of Christ The King HS, was named in the Jason Grimsley Affidavit, which was unsealed today:

Are The Yankees one big f---ing Pharmacy or what;

To think that in a bar in East Glendale, I heard your big yap going off about Mike Piazza, allegedly being Gay;

Only, some Irish Guy who owned a bar in Forest Hills cracked that he never saw a guy more-gay than Al Watson J'R;

Father John Savage, AD of Christ The King HS in your time, must be spinning in his grave over this report;

Al? Do me a favor-Shut Your Yap;



TOP 10 Signs Your 4th Degree Master Nominee Is Out Of Control

#10:Refers to Sousa's "Stars & Stripes Forever" As a Commie Plot Theme Song;
#9:K of C Free Throw declared part of Fidel Castro's Plot to Subvert American Youth;
#8:Essay Contest Theme is "Why Is It Important To Take East NY, Brooklyn back from The Soviet Union Controlled Long Island Assembly";
#7:Master Candidate refers to Faithful Navigator of Long Island Assembly, as that "Old Collectivist named Vladimir";
#6:Idiotic Sycophants want nuclear warheads pointed & launched towards 2 Councils in Ozone Park & one other in East Glendale;
#5:Master Candidate's Motto is "Today, Brooklyn-Tomorrow, Eastern Massachusetts";
#4:Candidate's Official Spokesman is an Allegedly Very Heavily Steroided Dude named Roger Clemens;
#3:The 2 Idiotic Sycophants, insulted by the words "Get A Life, Dudes", plan invasion tactics, at Stan's Sports Bar, across the street from Yankee Stadium, after a Bad Yankees Loss;
#2:The 2 Idiotic Sycophants want to take a ride on the Bomb to be dropped on Sheepshead Bay, singing "Back In The USSR";
#1:Master Nominee, in charge of Brooklyn Invasion, is Codenamed "Dr Strangedude".


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

To Those Ambitious Men Who Practically Run A Presidential Style Campaign For An UNPAID Position, I Ask You "WHY"

GET A LIFE-it's NOT the End Of The World. Are You doing this run for Altruistic Reasons, or do you have issues in your life, where you need Self-Fulfillment, not to mention satisfy your enormous ego?

You KNOW Things to be true, but your EGO comes 1st. It must be satisfied at all costs. You have an Elf, who yesses you ad nauseum. He wouldn't sneeze without your permission. Despite Permissions & Encouragement to the Contrary from the Home Office In New Haven, CT, your Elf, an Unfulfilled Sycophant, who you once described in UNFLATTERING Terms, while he was Grand Knight, complains of that particular event as "UNPATRIOTIC", in short, something which by crushing it, in accordance with your ego, is most-satisfying. Deciding to Play Napoleon, by Invading Your Newest Version of Russia, called East New York in Brooklyn, with programming, in order to antagonize somebody in Bay Ridge or Ozone Park, will lead to LONG TERM Damage & Disunity in the 4th Level of our K Of C Order. Funny, but this programming could've been put to use in your own service area. Instead, you use it to play cheap politics, ON THE ROAD. WHY don't you go invade Canada, while you're at it?

As to your Elf-WHAT Title Did You Promise Him? As to leading others to Dissension, in order to secure your Office, how long before you forget about them?

Who TF do you think you are? Roger Clemens On The Juice?

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pull The 26th World Championship* From The Yankees

9 Guys on "The Mitchell List", including that "Fat F---" Clemens:

Glenallen Hill, Superstar?

You wonder why Knobloch was so clumsy?




Monday, December 17, 2007

Be It Resolved That MLB Order All Roger Clemens Jerseys Be Burned

To Take all Roger Clemens Jerseys & BURN them, both Home & away Jerseys. In Boston they should be burned on Lansdowne Street Outside of The Cask & Flagon & Stomped:

In NYC, they should be burned in Shea Stadium, where Roger is considered to be BOTH a Coward & an A--hole;

In Houston, those jerseys should be burned outside of Minute Maid Park;

His #s are inflated by Juice;



This Is Really Great To Know

That I do NOT recognize the 2000 World Series Champion Yankees*, as Winners of THAT World Series(Note The Asterisk). There were 8 Players on that "Mitchell Report" List, who had taken Steroids:

One of them wears a Masons Ring, is a Fat F---, took Wisterol, Testosterone, HGH & Deca-Durabolin & "Mistook" a broken bat for a ball, all while high on drugs. Currently, he's a Rich, Broken Down Old Fat F---, with NOTHING Left in his tank. Am I RIGHT, Roger Clemens?

F--- The F------ NY Roidkees, ESPECIALLY ROGER;



Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another Suzyn Waldman Moment, We'd LOVE To Hear

"Oh My Goodness Gracious. Andy Petitte & Roger Clemens, are in George's Bawx. Andy just injected something into Roger's butt. Oh my goodness gracious! No one's been in my Bawx for 30 Years."


Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's Too Bad

But we won't have Roger Clemens to boo @ the ballpark, anymore. No one would want to sign Ol' Roidger. 141 of his wins are tainted by steroid use. Lo-ser!


On Steroids

"This Fastball is brought to you by BALCO", was uttered in a humorous vein by FOX Lead Commentator, Joseph Francis Buck, who can be rather-funny at times. I guess that working beside Tim Mc Carver, on "MLB On FOX", where some strange observation, made by "The Sophocles Of The Diamond", is cause for humorous banter, causing people to turn off their T V sets, to go do something else:

I recently spoke to a Psychologist-Nurse Practitioner, who lectures at Albert Einstein Medical College of Yeshiva University, who's inclined to believe that "The Mitchell Report" is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. He figures that more players are using Performance Enhancing Drugs, than we're hearing about;

I had mentioned about the Rather-Colorful & Rather Deceased Linebacker, Lyle V. Alzado of both the Denver Broncos & Los Angeles Raiders, who died from a brain tumor, a little over 5 years ago. Lyle was originally from Brownsville, Brooklyn & played Football for Lawrence HS in Lawrence(Nassau County), not far from JFK Airport. He died from a Brain Tumor. He had used Steroids to enhance his playing career;

According to the Psychologist, with a PhD from Columbia University, as well as a Bachelor Of Science In Nursing, Steroids are given in Organ Transplant Situations to stave off a Transplant Failure, as well as inflammation. Steroids also have a history of compromising one's Immune System;

According to the Doc, we develop Cancers, every day in our bodies, but they're fought off because of a healthy immune system. A Compromised Immune System, will allow for the spread of the cancers;

Steroids cause for Compromised Immune Systems. Just look at what happened to Lyle Alzado;

Testosterone is given to make one aggressive. Too much can make one HOMICIDAL, is how the Doc, put it;

When Jason Giambi was off "The Juice" in '04, he looked Haggard & Weak. In fact, he looked like any Drug Addict would, in Withdrawl. It was even discovered that he had a benign pituitary growth, after years of using steroids. He couldn't swing the bat to save his life;

In June, '05, he still looked like a Sick Man. By July, '05, he looked LARGER, was perspiring profusely, had a rapid growth of beard, & developed Acne. In short, he was injecting Testosterone & Human Growth Hormone. According to a source, he also uses a certain white powder, which he takes via spoon or straw, through his nose. His Home Run Total dramatically-improved from '04;

Now, if one can remember Roger Clemens, becoming a Ton Of Lard from 1993 to 1996, one can remember him becoming ineffective as well. It was with Good Reason, that Red Sox GM, Dan Duquette, said that Roger was on a decline. This was before Roger decided to try "NeedlePOINT & Click", which is finding his "Fountain Of Youth" Via Syringes filled with Wisterol, Testosterone & HGH;

Just WHAT was Roger on, when he beaned Michael Piazza, in July, 2000, with a 98MPH Fastball/ How High was Roger, When he "Mistook" a broken bat for a ball? He can't say that he had a cup of Sanka, before these events;

Figure that, if Roger was declining in 1996, that Roger would've been done by 1998 & maybe by 1999, if he allowed nature to take her course. But by that 1st Injection, he became a Junkie & enhanced his records & earning power;

He struck out 20 Batters In 2 Games. He had The Heart Of A Lion when he was Natural. Now, he's INFAMOUS as a Roided Junkie. & this year, he proved to be a Broken Wreck in a Yankees Uniform. & his Era of being a "Texas Con Man" has gone down in flames with the Release of "The Mitchell Report";

Roger? You Know that Ring with a Square, Compass & G on it? I believe that it got you out of trouble with many of your Lodge Brothers in the Upper Echelon of Baseball. Trust Me, when I say THIS-IT WON"T NOW;

Will Mc Donaugh must be smiling;



Friday, December 14, 2007

The Following People Are Baseball's PO#2s-The Mitchell Report

Roger Clemens-WHY are you @ the TOP of My list? WHY were you so high when you beaned Mike Piazza? Was it the water? The Coffee? Or Syringes? It was your Fountain of Youth. You are a FAT F--- & a Moron. I'm GLAD that you NEVER did ONE LAST TIME in Boston:

Andy Pettitte-I was suspicious of the Arthur De Moss Foundation Blurbs about the Bible & You. As to WHY you had NOTHING Left in the Tankeroo in Houston, now this audience knows why. As to you & Jeter, jumping up & down like 2 Schoolgirls in the Yankees Dugout back in June, what was that all about? I know that Roger means something;

Paul Lo Duca-I know that you can't wait until The Nationals are at Shea Stadium, but all you're going to hear is "Steroids" up the Wazoo, next Season & those Mets Fans are going to let you have it & it isn't going to be nice, not to mention the word "Suck" on a regular & loud basis;

To that Sweet Young Lassie in a Catholic Elementary School in The RC Diocese of Brooklyn, especially in Brooklyn, whose "Show & Tell" Exhibit Touched my Heart, by bringing Roger Clemens to her school, I'm curious as to what your thoughts are now, as the MLB Steroid Report has been released. Please don't cry, as you didn't know about these Substances & you did your Good Deed for your school, though a Certain Bishop, Originally from the RC Archdiocese Of Boston, would've like to give Roger a Good Swift Kick in The Arse;

Jason & Jeremy Giambi(Or is that GiamBALCO)-'Nuff Ced;

The Yankees are really going to hear it @ Fenway Park & Shea Stadium & it'll be Sooooooo-Loud, that Pilots on Incoming Flights into Logan or La Guardia, won't be able to hear themselves;

& Gil Hodges & Ted Williams never needed any of this stuff;

& to Eric GAG-ME, now we know why that Fastball BLAZED for a Few Years. YOU Had NOTHING in your tank, this Year-NOTHING. No Wonder The Denizens Of Fenway Park were Enraged over getting you in a Deal & it almost Cost The Sox, 1st Place. You had NOTHING because your old hobby of "Needlepoint-'N Click" was no longer used;



Monday, December 10, 2007

The Infamous "Take Off Your Top" Party @ Gate D Is OVER

A dumb-standing "Tradition" @ Jets Games @ Giants Stadium, just came to a close, yesterday, when NJ State Police broke up the large mob of Male Fans, who would haunt & harass young ladies into flashing the group of drunken morons:

I know where most of this bunch is from-let's just say they take up residence in a Stadium, located @ West 161st Street & River Avenue in The Bronx, especially those ADD-Enabled Bozos, who inhabit Sections 37, 39, 41 & 43 in the Bleachers, where they're known as Creatures;

& in that Stadium in The Bronx, oft-called "The Toilet", along the 3rd Base Line into LF, a good # of these same thugs, ONLY with Beer Sold Up There, also scream "Take Off Your Tops", after their 9th Beer by the 2nd Inning;

THAT's What The Jets get for going to NJ-You guys are now the caretakers for the North Jersey White Trash from Yankee Stadium;

THIS NEVER happened in the Shea Stadium Years;



Sunday, December 09, 2007

The OTHER Perfect NFL Team

Remember 1971-72 When The Miami Dolphins were 17-0 including Playoffs & Super Bowl?

Now they're perfect in REVERSE @ 0-13 & may go 0-16 in Regular Season:

Thought that you'd all like to know that, as there are peaks and valleys in the NFL & in life as well;



Within My Parish, A Legend Retires

For Over 60 Years, he has given command performances in Concerts. For almost 35 Years, he has been Cantor @ the Masses Celebrated @ St Thomas Apostle-Woodhaven. You may have heard him utter these words in the 1960s' on CBS:

"From Television City In Hollywood";

Over this Weekend, From Yesterday's 12 Noon Mass & Today's 11:00AM Mass, I noticed a change in Cantors, as both were females with Lovely Voices, something not heard in St. Thomas Apostle Parish before;

& then our Pastor broke the Bad News that Bruce Peyton, Cantor Extrarordinnaire , was retiring due to a serious lung condition, called Pulmonary Fibrosis;

He had sung with the New England Opera & had ties to the Entertainment Industry, in the Early Days of Television;

Thanks, Bruce-It was an amazing run;

Michaelum Legatus


To Milwaukee For US$10M

Eric Gagne' Gave Boston Red Sox Fans a lot of Thrills & Chills, mostly Chills this Past Season:

Causing Fans in Fenway Park to chant "No, Please! Not Gag-me";

Causing Professor Thom's Red Sox Fans to Imbibe more;

Bringing Joy To NY Yankthese Fans, making the Pennant Chase too close for Comfort;

He might just be fine in the NL;

His Salary=The FL. Marlins Payroll for '08;

May cause Brewers Fans to make more Beer Runs;



Saturday, December 08, 2007

Feast Of The Immaculate Conception-Today, 12/08

This is Mary-Mother Of God's Feast & A Holy Day Of Obligation, so if your Catholic, find a Mass & get to it:

SHE is Patroness Of The Church In The United States Of America;

The Gloria will be sung & Hymns, Hopefully, will be Glorious;

Santa Maria, Madre De Dios, Ruega Por Nosotros Pecadores, Ahora Y En La Hora, De Nuestra Muerte, Amen;

Holy Mary, Mother Of God, Pray For Us Sinners, No & @ The Hour Of Our Death Amen;

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et In Spiritu Sancti, Amen;


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Friday, December 07, 2007

One Thing Is For Sure-You Won't Hear Suzyn Waldman Making An Announcement About THIS Guy

"Oh, My Goodness Gracious. Roger Clemens is in George's Bawx";

It's because Roger Clemens is a Consultant to The Houston Astros, this season;

Let's put it this way-Roger was a big NOTHING this past season;

I wonder HOW Andy's taking all this news?



STILL Stuck In The Metrodome-JohannSantana

Don't Worry-SOMEONE Named Theo may give you a home, as JEFFY's in Omar's way, AGAIN.



Did FDR Cause The Pacific War In WWII?

Sunday, December 7th, 1941 was a Day Of Infamy, when Japan Attacked The US Naval Base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii:

Question-WHY didn't FDR negotiate over Oil Reserves with the Moderate Civilian Government of Japan's Prime Minister?

It's believed to have given rise to the Militarists in Japan, who wanted war over Oil;

Some cure for a Depression, eh!

Requiscant In Pacem for all Those Serving Our Country on December 7th, 1941, who died @ Pearl Harbor, In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et In Spiritu Sancti, Amen;



What Stays On My Mac

iWork & Neolithic Office & Bean:
Also, Mariner Pak stays for time being;

Out-Abi Word-renders nicely when sent as a Word Document, but writes not clearly on this end;

I got stuff to clear out of here;



TOP 10 Signs This Is A Strange K of C Free Throw

#10:Contest crew made up entirely of regulars from "Professor Thom's" & "The Hairy Monk";

#9:Tim Mc Carver's convoluded history of the K OF C Free Throw, called "Shooting Foul Shots For Brain Surgeons & Astronomers", contains 50 references to Derek Jeter;

#8:Contestants having hard time understanding Chairman's Boston accent, since contest is in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn;

#7:Remy's explanation to Mc Carver that "The Cask 'n Flagon" is not in The Bronx;

#6:Area residents idea of a "Wicked Pissah Time", consists of taking a leak behind an el pillar on Fulton Street;

#5:O'Brien & Sutcliffe, on ESPN, spend the evening trying to explain just what a "Peggy Lee" Shot is;

#4: Wally The Green Monster is, repeatedly, referred to as Youppi;

#3:A Winner with the name of Kazmerczyk, hears chant of "F--- F---ing Kazmarek; F--- him";

#2:"Take Me Out To The Free Throw", sung by someone called "Msgr G. Pez";

#1: FOX spends night promoting All Female Police Comedy, called "Fort Martina"


Thursday, December 06, 2007

The M Donald Grant List Is Renamed "ULTIMATE SCHMUCKS"

This can be said about M Donald Grant & Joan Whitney Payson-neither NY Giants Stockholder voted to move the team, Willie Mays & All, to San Francisco, but M. Donald Grant DESERVES to be on the Newly-Named List Of Over The Edge Betrayers in both NYC & Boston Sports Circles:

Unfortunately, I had no stock shot of Robert Moses. When I find one, I'll post his photo;

But, I did find this guy, one of the 3 MOST-DESPISED Men in all the History of my Native Borough, which is Brooklyn. Unfortunately, I had no stock shots of Hitler nor Stalin, so Walter O'Malley, a Son(ovabithch)of The BRONX, will have to do. I do know this-You lived in a Mansion on Bedford Avenue & Peter, Your Son, did Graduate from Cathedral Preparatory Seminary in 1951, in the days when students, preparing for further Catholic Seminary Studies, actually went to school on Saturday, with Thursdays off. Your old delivery boy, WHO you never tipped, told me this in Woodhaven House Pub, on Woodhaven Blvd in Rego Park, on the Evening of Monday, September 24th, 2007, on the 50th Anniversary of the Last M L B Game, between the BROOKLYN Dodgers & the Pittsburgh Pirates. I had gone to see the Mets @ Shea Stadium, watching their meltdown, 13-4 & their fall from 1st Place, that evening & shed a tear in memory of the departure of "Dem Bums", as The Mets were becoming "Dem Noo Bums", or as Bob & Doug Mac Kenzie, would've said in a cross between Canadian Prairie Province/Brooklyn Accent, "Dem Hosers, Eh";

Since I know very Little Gaelic, the list is hearby renamed "The ULTIMATE SCHMUCKS List". All da usual suspects from the "M. Donald Grant List" are on this list+the names of 4 new honorees
all 4 of dem, hated in Brooklyn, as well as other parts of the NY Metropolitan Area;

"ULTIMATE SCMUCKS"-it has a Nice BROOKLYN Ring to it;



Now To The Driver Who Cut Off a Q53 Bus On Woodhaven Blvd @ 73rd Avenue-WHY?

I was on the Q53 Bus, Bus #8121, Run #23, headed to get something to eat after work, after getting off @ the Woodhaven Blvd Express Stop on the BMT Broadway-Jamaica Line J Train:

All was well until someone decided to cut a bus off, stopping short, forcing me to fly across the bus like a Trapeze Artist;

To the Joker, why the hurry? Are you a thrill seeker who needs an adrenalin fix? Then go ride on the Cyclone Roller Coaster in Coney Island or on the one @ Rye's Playland;

Were you looking for a Quick Buck Insurance Injury to fatten your wallet? Go take a fall in a Law Office. I'm sure you'll find a Personal Injury Barrister;

I've got a few scrapes & I'm upset, but it could've been worse than that;

The Joker, most-likely, isn't too smart. If that Person's a guy,he probably would think he'll have a 1 Night Stand with Ellen De Generes & be wondering why it flopped;

If the Joker's a female & not too bright, she'd probably be thinking of a 1 Night Stand with Harvey Fierstein & wondering why it didn't work out;

A Driver's License in NY State, or ANY State, is NOT a License To Be Stupid, though I have a friend who can customize a License To Be Stupid for a fee;

& I'm a little sore for that person's UTTER STUPIDITY;



I'll Miss The 2:05PM Sunday Starting Time In Fenway Park

While growing up in Brooklyn, I remember that on any Sunday & Saturday Afternoon, the starting time for a Mets Game @ Shea Stadium was @ 2:05PM. Especially on Sunday, it gave people time to get set for a game after Mass. In those days, the games never lasted longer than 2 1/2 Hours & there was no ESPN Sunday Night Baseball:

In 2K, I was at Fenway Park, for Expos Red Sox & the Game was at 2:05PM. I ran late from Queens, & made it at 3:00PM. The Game ended at 4:05PM. The Red Sox defeated Montreal, BTW;

So, I got up to Boston & Fenway Park, on May 20th, for the 2:05 Game, Atl. Braves @ Red Sox. I was way-early. It was cloudy & there was a threat of rain showers. The Field was covered. PA Announcer Carl Beene, gave us weather forcast information on what to expect & @ 1:55PM, it began to rain for over an hour. Beene kept us posted, as per the Instructions of the Boston Red Sox. The rain ended a little after 4:00PM & the Game started @ 4:37PM-ET, lasting 3 Hours, 10 minutes;

I was in my 1st-Ever Fenway Park Rain Delay, then saw a nicely-pitched game by Red Sox Starter, Kason Gabbard, who left to a Rousing Standing O, with the Sox winning 6-3;

It was only a little later than expected. I was a veteran of Rain Delays @ Shea Stadium, where information of this type, is never given to the fans there;

But the 2:05PM Start Time now passes away, like the Horse Drawn Trolley & a team called the Brooklyn Dodgers;

It looks like we'll all have to rush to the ball game, a bit more-often;

& another thing from our childhood is gone;



Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Trying To Install LINUX On A Mac

Attempting to do install LINUX on a G4 Mac is about as easy as me trying to go on a date with Ellen De Generes-like very unlikely:

LINUX is best left up to professional installation, as these are the most geek-like professionals, imaginable;

It pays to pay to have it done right;

Meanwhile, I'll stick with Mac OS X-Tiger;

Mike-Somewhere in Queens


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

In Baseball's Hall of Fame-WALTER O'MALLEY?

Elect WALTER O'MALLEY? This Year marked the departure of The BROOKLYN Dodgers, as of the end of the '57 Season. I was 2, going on 3 in that last, sad season. When I was 3, ALL this City had was DFYankees, until the coming of the '62 Mets:

The Baseball Hall Of Fame Veterans Committee may as well have elected Adolf Hitler & Josef Stalin to the Baseball Hall Of Fame, because these 2 were amongst the 3 Most-Hated Men in Brooklyn, along with Walter O'Malley;

Well, today for me are the Boston Red Sox, who play @ Fenway Park, a place which is a throwback to the Ebbets Field Era, simulating Brooklyn for me & the NY Mets, whose new ballpark, Citi Field, will be a larger Ebbets Field, replacing Shea Stadium, in Queens;

Just think-I have to go to Boston to get "That Brooklyn Feeling", replete with Green Line Trolleys, stopping near Fenway Park @ Kenmore;

& I'll have to go to Stub Hub, to get tickets for the Ebbets Replica in Queens, in '09;

O'Malley is NOW added to "The Riviera List" & "The M.Donald Grant List". O'Malley's name will have an "F" Word, in the "Riviera" Chant;

Mike-RSN-NYC-Queens-Native Of Brooklyn


Monday, December 03, 2007

I Have Removed Microsoft Office From My Lineup

It was an interesting Trial Run on the eMac, but let's get serious. It took up a lot of space & I'm NOT paying $399 to $499 for it, though Entourage was a great Mail Program:

Neolithic Office does what MS Office does & more & it's free;

iWork Stays, allowing my creative side to come through;

Bean, an OS X lean program stays;

Mariner Write & Calc will stay;

But AppleWorks 6.2.9 will go, as it's so dated. It was good for breaking me into the Mac, but text rendering is AWFUL;



Wi-Fi @ Home

Now, I don't have to go out to use high speed web access on my Palm T/X:
Two of my brother's computers, one an iMac & the other, a MacBook, are connected by a wireless device called Airport Extreme;
It's muy rapido and this connected in seconds;
& here I am, writing about it, on my Palm, without need of using a cell phone & Bluetooth;

Such what technology is today;



WHY Would The Red Sox Offer Salary Arbitration To Eric Gagne'

The Red Sox lost winnable Games c/o Eric Gagne'. 5 Games were shaved off the lead. He's a proven liability. I've even lost my lunch, watching him:

Let him go ELSEWHERE, Theo, Please!



Baseball's Winter Meetings

I wonder what Jeffy Wilpon is saying to Omar Minaya. Is it "We have Plenty of $-BUT that's for the New Ball Park"?:

Will Theo Epstein pull the trigger on a Blockbuster Deal for Johann Santana? Or will that be Brian Ca$hman?

Stay tuned over this week from Nashville;



What I'll Buy on December 13th

"iWork" will be permanently located on this machine along with Neolithic Office. Gone will be Mariner Write, Mariner Calc & Microsoft Office '04-Mac:

iWork will be for fancier jobs, while Neo Office will be for communications;

Appleworks 6 is very dated-that may go, as well. I just want to be up to date;



Sunday, December 02, 2007

"The i Man Cometh"

No, I'm NOT talking about the latest computer made by Apple. But the man in question, did talk about using a PowerBook, which was made by Apple. Let's just say this guy is back: Don Imus is back on the air on the ABC Radio Network, via WABC 770 AM, tomorrow morning. Get used to it. The I Man has politics & humor, combined. I'm cool with that. Mike-RSN-NYC-QUEENS


On A Certain Weekend 11 Years Ago

It was time for the Estranged to get together:

For I was Grand Knight of K of C #5103 & was on a Whirlwind Tour of The Parishes in Glendale, Forest Hills & East Glendale;

In Glendale, was at St Pancras, selling Chance Books & getting Re-acquainted, being assisted @ 2 Masses by a Reinstated Past Grand Knight. I was assisted by my treasurer, on Sunday. A small donation of $30 was made as a Goodwill Offering to St Pancras Parish. On that Part of The Tour De Force, I would meet a Priest, who would be named Pastor of Sacred Heart-East Glendale in January, 1998 & serves as Chaplain of my Council;

The Next Weekend was @ Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs-Forest Hills, where stories of the Council, were told to me by Widows of Charter & early Members & of The Columbian Squires. I never saw so many people writing cheques to buy chances in my life. From that weekend, donations were made to that Parish, the Squires & Sacred Heart Recreation. This is the Weekend where the Council got going & was energized;

It was the Rainy Weekend of 11 Years ago(11-30 & 12-1-1996), where a small amount of Chances were sold, though the members showed up to help, but Parishioners were clamoring to show them more. A Donation of cash was made to Sacred Heart Parish, as a Goodwill Gesture. A Sweet Girl sang 4 of the Masses from Saturday Night & Sunday;

Later in 1997, The Appalachia Fund Mass & Breakfast came to being. It would be our Bond with The Parish, for to this day, we break bread & make Merry with Our Home Parish Base, all for a Good Cause;

& the Sweet Girl was our Cantor, for 4 of those Breakfasts;

Funny, but the Next Year, our Base was writing cheques for the Chance Books, just like they did in Forest Hills;



Saturday, December 01, 2007

"X" Is Right-It's A Cult & Peril To The Faith

He was initiated in the supposed New Degree of the New World Conspiritorial Order Era:

Dark Room, stripped to underwear, poked on both right & left breasts & back of head & SWORN, under penalty of Death & Dismemberment, to keep this Initiation secret, followed by a lecture;

Ja-Bu-Lon= a name, indicating that God, Satan & the Egyptian God Osirus, are working in Harmony. Eerie Music of a Satanic Nature, was played;

No CHRISTIAN Man, in his Right Mind, should ever join this group. You leave & people you thought were your friends, won't talk to you, just like in a Cult;

"X" QUIT, By The Way;



Give These People a Good Watching

You get a Latin Mass & full coverage of The Catholic Church:

In The Column to your right, click on EWTN;


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Noted For A Great Homily Or 2-Maybe Even More

A Big Man who suffers from Intense Arthritic Pain, Msgr Joseph Funaro gave one of the Great, All Time Homilies on the Feast Of The Good Shepherd. He did so, with humor laced into it, causing for much-laughter @ Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Church In Forest Hills, Queens:

He mentioned that there aren't enough Doctors, Nurses & NYPD Police Officers. It seems that people go out for the Big Bucks. Everybody wants to be a Millionaire(Is That Your Final Answer, as Cardinal Hayes HS Graduate & Notre Dame Graduate, Regis Philbin, used to ask in the '90s');

He did NOT mention Barristers, as the Law Schools are full & there are plenty of Law Offices on Queens Blvd, in Forest Hills & Kew Gardens;

The message was clear-Christ Cared For His People;

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et In Spiritu Sancti, Amen;



The Advent Is Nigh-Chant Is Changed To Reflect This Minor Penitential Season

As you know that, despite this being a Baseball Blog & the Humor which flows with it, that there is a Catholic Element to it, & that prior to Christmas, the New Year of The Church will come upon us tomorrow, with Priests in Penitential Garb(Purple) & no singing of "The Gloria", except on The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception on December 8th:

"Credo", also called "The Nicene Creed", which is in Latin, will be chanted here;

Christianity is sprung from Judaism & the Chanting of The Psalms, is the Basis of Gregorian Chant. From December 4th @ Sundown, into the Day of December 12th, is the Jewish Celebration of Channukah, or "Festival Of Lights", where the Light of one Day's Oil, lasted 8 Days;

To those of The Jewish Faith, I wish You "L'Chaim";

To Those Christians & Jews, who think in terms of the "X-Box", "The Sling Box" & the "Wii", as your priorities, you may as well be celebrating "Festivus" with Frank Costanza;

To those of you "Sport Aficianados", who love watching your teams' various DVDs, without end, remember who gave you life & breath & it was neither Theodore Nathan Epstein, nor Omar Minaya;

"Credo", after all, is a prayer, that One Believes In One God. Let's not forget that Priority;