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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Today, @ 1:08AM, EST, Winter Began In Anticipation Of The Light Of Christ

It's The Shortest & Darkest Day Of The Year, but Winter is NOT The Darkest Time Of The Year, as that falls to Autumn. It gets lighter from tomorrow onward:

& into The Light of The Christmas Season, which does not consist of Christmas Day, ALONE, which is what Advertisers would lead you to believe;

Next Sunday, as part of The Christmas Celebration, is Feast Of The Holy Family;

On December 26th, in the British Commonwealth, is St Stephen's Day(Oft Called Boxing Day, which has NOTHING to do with Don King's Sport). On December 27th is The Feast Of St John The Baptizer, while on December 31st, is St Sylvester I, Pope @ The Time Of Constantine;

On January 1st, it's not MERELY New Years Day, but Known in the Catholic Church Calendar as "Solemnity Of Mary, Mother Of God". According to The Church Calendar in The Traditional Form, This is also called "Feast Of The Circumcision", as The Child Jesus was presented in The Temple. So, if you plan to party 'til Dawn on New Year's Day, I advise you to catch Evening Mass, on December 31st;

On January 6th, it's Epiphany or "Little Christmas", when the the 3 Wise Men, presented Jesus with Gifts Of Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh. It's the Tradition in Spanish Speaking Countries, to present the gifts to Family & Friends;

It's a Time Of Worship, Thanksgiving & Celebration;

Finally, Christmas Official Celebration ends in '08, on January 13th, with "Baptism Of The Lord";

Christmas is NOT merely December 25th, but a Longer Celebration & Celebration Of The Christ In Stages;

Venite Adoremus, Dominum;


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Blogger Mainecatwoman said...

Merry Christmas, my friend!

8:19 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Merry 12 Days Of Christmas, Lisa!

10:02 AM  

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