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Saturday, December 15, 2007

On Steroids

"This Fastball is brought to you by BALCO", was uttered in a humorous vein by FOX Lead Commentator, Joseph Francis Buck, who can be rather-funny at times. I guess that working beside Tim Mc Carver, on "MLB On FOX", where some strange observation, made by "The Sophocles Of The Diamond", is cause for humorous banter, causing people to turn off their T V sets, to go do something else:

I recently spoke to a Psychologist-Nurse Practitioner, who lectures at Albert Einstein Medical College of Yeshiva University, who's inclined to believe that "The Mitchell Report" is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. He figures that more players are using Performance Enhancing Drugs, than we're hearing about;

I had mentioned about the Rather-Colorful & Rather Deceased Linebacker, Lyle V. Alzado of both the Denver Broncos & Los Angeles Raiders, who died from a brain tumor, a little over 5 years ago. Lyle was originally from Brownsville, Brooklyn & played Football for Lawrence HS in Lawrence(Nassau County), not far from JFK Airport. He died from a Brain Tumor. He had used Steroids to enhance his playing career;

According to the Psychologist, with a PhD from Columbia University, as well as a Bachelor Of Science In Nursing, Steroids are given in Organ Transplant Situations to stave off a Transplant Failure, as well as inflammation. Steroids also have a history of compromising one's Immune System;

According to the Doc, we develop Cancers, every day in our bodies, but they're fought off because of a healthy immune system. A Compromised Immune System, will allow for the spread of the cancers;

Steroids cause for Compromised Immune Systems. Just look at what happened to Lyle Alzado;

Testosterone is given to make one aggressive. Too much can make one HOMICIDAL, is how the Doc, put it;

When Jason Giambi was off "The Juice" in '04, he looked Haggard & Weak. In fact, he looked like any Drug Addict would, in Withdrawl. It was even discovered that he had a benign pituitary growth, after years of using steroids. He couldn't swing the bat to save his life;

In June, '05, he still looked like a Sick Man. By July, '05, he looked LARGER, was perspiring profusely, had a rapid growth of beard, & developed Acne. In short, he was injecting Testosterone & Human Growth Hormone. According to a source, he also uses a certain white powder, which he takes via spoon or straw, through his nose. His Home Run Total dramatically-improved from '04;

Now, if one can remember Roger Clemens, becoming a Ton Of Lard from 1993 to 1996, one can remember him becoming ineffective as well. It was with Good Reason, that Red Sox GM, Dan Duquette, said that Roger was on a decline. This was before Roger decided to try "NeedlePOINT & Click", which is finding his "Fountain Of Youth" Via Syringes filled with Wisterol, Testosterone & HGH;

Just WHAT was Roger on, when he beaned Michael Piazza, in July, 2000, with a 98MPH Fastball/ How High was Roger, When he "Mistook" a broken bat for a ball? He can't say that he had a cup of Sanka, before these events;

Figure that, if Roger was declining in 1996, that Roger would've been done by 1998 & maybe by 1999, if he allowed nature to take her course. But by that 1st Injection, he became a Junkie & enhanced his records & earning power;

He struck out 20 Batters In 2 Games. He had The Heart Of A Lion when he was Natural. Now, he's INFAMOUS as a Roided Junkie. & this year, he proved to be a Broken Wreck in a Yankees Uniform. & his Era of being a "Texas Con Man" has gone down in flames with the Release of "The Mitchell Report";

Roger? You Know that Ring with a Square, Compass & G on it? I believe that it got you out of trouble with many of your Lodge Brothers in the Upper Echelon of Baseball. Trust Me, when I say THIS-IT WON"T NOW;

Will Mc Donaugh must be smiling;




Blogger Mainecatwoman said...

"Will Mc Donaugh must be smiling"

Ahh, grim vindication, if not outright satisfaction.

11:05 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Well Said, Lisa! Why is Roger's Arse like South Station? All those Track Marks!

1:57 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I hope that the 6th Grade Girl of 2003 isn't being harassed over inviting Clemens to her grammar school. Roidger LIED to her, TOO.

7:53 PM  

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