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Sunday, April 26, 2009

On Broadcasters Of Yankees Red Sox And Later On Mets Red Sox

Here in NYC, where, believe it or NOT, there are MANY Red Sox Fans, we had NO Remy and no "Announcer Boy" Orsillo, this weekend:

We had Kay(As In Michael), this past Friday. We all put up with -uck and Mc Cavah(Triple Ouch), on Saturday. We shall have to endure Miller(Who isn't bad), H O F Morgan(Please, NO) and "Costanza"(Steve Phillips);

In The Mets at Red Sox Series, we will have N E S N at no time, except Pre-Game. BUT, the S N Y Crew of Gary Cohen, Ron(From Worcester)Darling, and Keith Hernandez, will be entertaining and NOT Annoying, providing humor and intelligent analysis. Bill Webb directs these games(Unfortunately, he also directs -uck and Mc Cavah on FOX). The 3rd Game will be produced by S N Y on PIX 11;

tbs(Very Funny)will carry the 3rd Game, BUT I don't care to listen to Chip Caray, not even a quarter as entertaining as his grandfather, Harry;

The 3rd Weekend Of May, should be entertaining;


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Anonymous Lisa K. said...

The only way ESPN could have made Sunday Night Baseball worse was to employ Steve Phillips, and they did it.

They hate us.

6:13 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

They Did It:

Unfortunately, he was Mets GM;

George Costanza would make a BETTER GM than Phillips.

12:14 AM  

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