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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Special "F--- The Riviera-NY Mets Edition"

As usual, we denizens of Professor Thom's, have a certain disdain for our former Red Sox Watering Hole. Joining them are the Recently Collapsed NY Mets, joining the '95 Angels & '64 Phillies, as Big Time Chokers:

F--- Sterling Mets, LP;

F--- Fred Wilpon;

F--- Jeff Wilpon;

F--- Sol Katz;

F--- H. Amon;

F--- Bob Wilpon;

F--- Jose' Reyes for being a Smart arse;

F--- Lastings Milledge;

F--- Jorge' Sosa;

F--- Guillermo Mota;

F--- Rickey Henderson;

F--- Scott Schowenweiss;

F--- Aaron Sele;

F--- Joe Smith;

F--- Rick Peterson;

F--- Tom Glavine(Over 300 Wins-You're NOW Toast)

F--- The Mets Ticket Office;

F--- Ollie Perez;

F--- The Mets Bullpen;

F--- Yesterday's Mets-You F---ing QUIT, You F---ing QUIT, You F---ing QUIT, You Doubly F---king QUIT, in Fact You Triply F---king QUIT, Weeks Ago;

& These Usual Suspects, from The Riviera Sports Bar, Cafe & Dive;

F--- Brennan;

F--- Kazmerzcyk;

F--- Sertell;

F--- Tabachka;

From The NY Yankees;

F--- Jeter;

F--- A-Rod;

F--- Roger Clemens;

F--- Andy Pettite;

In The Case of THOSE 4, they might actually like it;

F--- ESPN;

F--- Joe Morgan;

F--- FOX Sports, especially;

F--- Aikman;

F--- Buck;

&, lat but not least, F--- Mc Carver;

&, Naturally, F--- The Wilpons;

A Rather, Maniacally Raging Rant, Indeed!



Blogger Mainecatwoman said...

Good post...

2:14 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Thanks, Lisa:

It's One of my classic rants;

Wait'll my Parody in January of "MLB On FOX". Buck gets The Razzing he deserves from Mc Carver, though Tim will call RemDawg, "Mad Dog";

It was one of my best rants, ever;


7:05 PM  
Anonymous Dating said...

well done, interesting post!

10:43 AM  

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