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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Monday Night @ Shea Stadium-50th Anniversary

Mets Take on Washington @ 7:10PM-ET. There's An Anniversary of Note, which causes memories for people older than I am:

It was Tuesday, September 24th, 1957. The Pirates came to Brooklyn's Ebbets Field for 1 Game vs The Dodgers. It was the last home game for the Dodgers, that season;

It was the LAST Major League Baseball Game, EVER-PLAYED in Brooklyn, as the Brooklyn Dodgers would be the L A Dodgers, in 1958. They finished the Season, in Philadelphia, on Sunday, September 29th, 1957;

I'll be @ Shea Stadium on Monday Evening. I may be @ Shea on Saturday, September 29th, it being the 50th Anniversary of the Last-Ever Home Game of The NY Giants @ The Polo Grounds, as the Giants were to be the S F Giants;

& I find this ironic, that I'll be watching both games @ The Site of The Robert Moses Flushing Meadow Stadium Site, where Moses tried to Coerce the Dodgers into playing there, because of Moses' Ruse of Buildig a Monumental Parking Garage, on the Brooklyn Site of where the New Ebbets Dome was to be built & where the NJ Nets are building their Arena;

Why didn't Moses try to persuade the NY Giants to go to his Flushing Meadows Site? It cost NYC a couple of Major League Baseball Teams. Sad, isn't it;

Mike-RSN-NYC-Queens-Originally From Brooklyn


Blogger The Omnipotent Q said...

The Giants had long before decided that they were leaving NY, and were originally going to Minneapolis. They had no interest in Queens. They were the bottom team in attendance in 1957, and everyone knew they were leaving. O'Malley talked them into SF, and the rest is hstory.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I'm aware of Minniapolis Millers & the Giants Situation as the Polo Grounds Area had become way too dangerous a place to watch baseball

10:12 AM  

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