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Friday, September 28, 2007

Sawx Go "Boof", 5-4, While Mets Lose To A DFA, Who Tito Couldn't Trust

Boof Bonser? Who TF is that? Hitting was flat but Josh was FLATTER. Last Night's 5-4 Loss to the Twins, who're Playing out the Schedule, was NO FUN, for Red Sox Faithful, around the globe(& I don't mean the NY Times Company's Boston Globe, Either):

Last Night on NESN, I heard Bob Ryan of The Boston Globe, discuss with Jackie Mc Mullen(Boston Globe), The NY Mets Historic Collapse. I can't say that I was surprised by any of this, as the Mets Bullpen Acquisitions were downgrades from Last Season(Aaron Sele? Scott Schowenweis?);

According to Manny Acta, Mgr of Washington, what was happening to Willie Randolph, was out of his hands, from the start. I believe Manny to be Right on this one, as my suspicions lead right to Fred & Jeffy Wilpon, who tied the hands of Omar Minaya, making the Mets into a version of the Montreal Expos;

The "Metspos" lost 3-0, expecting Pedro Martinez to walk on water for them to postseason. Pedro's back from Surgery. Losing to a DFY like Joel Piniero, who blew a # of Red Sox Games, this year, to cause Tito to blow a few gaskets, is a sign that there will be NO Postseason;

I can imagine what Mel Gibson must think of Freddie & Jeffy;

Funny, but the Mets have the best road record on the road in all of MLB. It's in that Dilapidated DUMP, called Shea Stadium, which is currently under-maintained & where players have come up lame, where there's a lack of wins. I guess that all those wins will have to wait for Citi Field, That Megabucks Fat Cats Dream Park you're building. Am I Right?

Back To The Red Sox-this isn't time to get careless. Am I Right? Do it right & don't p--- me off;



Blogger Peter N said...

Wow, the Mets are going through h*ll, and that's NOT an "I" that was starred. And Mikey, if you're home this early Friday morning, turn on the TODAY SHOW, to see Bruce & the Band...probably starting in the 8-9am hour. It should and will be great. And I'm so very happy!!!!

7:21 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

The Mets FO had their hands actively tied by the Ownership Group(OG), which has this incredible habit, of not allowing upgrades, supposedly for Revenue Reasons, which is a Crock of S--t, because the OG is driven by their 42K New Park, & Guaranteed Sellouts, @ Very Much-Higher Prices:

These Fans despise their OG, because they'll stop trades & acquisitions, while jacking up prices, all over Shea Stadium;

I knew friends, who downgraded their ticket packages, after years, as they knew their team's history of downgrading after a Championship by signing Class B & C Free Agents, which drives real fans to fury;

After the '08 Season, those Nice Little Ticket Packages for Mets Fans, will be gone, replaced by a Season Subscription Park, with 3K SRO, making the Park's Capacity @ 45K. If you thought Larry Lucchino had Revenue Schemes, he has NOTHING on The Wilpon Family;

& I'll probably get Bruce's Album, for Old Time Sake, as he's a Jersey Shore Guy;


10:26 AM  

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