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Saturday, July 21, 2007

RSN-NY & A Rare Triple Play

After a slow start against the Chisox, the Bosox won it 10-3 with Josh Beckett winning #13, with Jose Contreras, falling apart & Jose Lugo, with a Grand Slam into the Green Monster:

Last Night, Tampa Bay demolished DFYankees 14-4. "The Moose" is "Nada, Nada", as was the Yankmes Bullpen, so the Red Sox are up by 8 Games;

NY Mets over Los Dodgers, 4-1. "Stache" Valentin fractured his tibia on a foul ball. He'll be out 6 weeks & Oliver Perez getting the Win, & Marlon Anderson, who's come back to the Mets, played a role of good note in the 13-9 & 4-1 triumphs over the pat 2 nights. Mets now lead the Braves by 3.5 Games;

Rare Triple Play & RSN-NY will Take it;

& The Red Sox & Mets & Tampa Bay, did it for Kaylee;



Blogger KAYLEE said...

//& The Red Sox & Mets & Tampa Bay, did it for Kaylee;//

haha thats right

2:54 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

& They're going to keep it up, for You

3:07 PM  

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