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Monday, July 16, 2007

Progress Is NOT ALWAYS A Great Thing-Brooklyn Lost The Dodgers Over That

& WHY were the Dodgers targeted by He Who Thought He Was Omnipotent:

No, I'm not speaking of Quinn, The Omnipotent Q & Red Sox Writer. If you can imagine for a moment if your team, drawing over a million fans per season, leaves town despite prospering in that town;

& that team wanted to stay in that City, That Town, That Borough, only to run into an Overtly-ARROGANT, POWER BROKER, who loved seeing his name in lights;

This guy loved building roads & parks, only not to own a car, nor possess a NYS Driver's License;

The Northern State Parkway, the Southern State Parkway, the Belt Parkway, the Drive to the Suburbs was his goal;

This Gentleman even tried to uproot the Dodgers from Brooklyn, to have them play in a Stadium, built on a Department Of Sanitation Landfill, adjacent to Flushing Meadows Park, in an area with no personality & a huge parking lot, as a monument to road building to the suburbs;

Business was lost on account of his ego, & Fans still mourn this last season, from 50 Years ago;

I'm not speaking of Walter O'Malley, but of Robert Moses, whose ego could move mountains & destroy neighborhoods;

Next Season, the Big Monumental Stadium built to his ego, in the Nondescript Junkyard Laden Queens Neighbourhood, on the Corona-Flushing Border, will operate one last time, being replaced by a Tribute to Ebbets Field in '09;

& Brooklyn Neighbourhoods are becoming home to those from the Heartland, as artists come in to live & revitalize the Great Borough. BTW, they'd rather take the Subway;

Like Dodger Fans of Long Ago, Mets Fans follow that trend. Red Sox Fans still have the Trolleys, so it's more like Brooklyn;

& Boston is The "Brooklyn" I never knew;



Anonymous the blue state blogger said...

A lifelong Red Sox fan, I also have a deep affinity for the Brooklyn Dodgers. One of my favorite posts was this one here:

2:38 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...


Brooklyn suffered IMMENSELY from this loss;

It took 2004 to understand 1955;

& 50 Years Later, The Borough still cries in memory

3:59 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Until the Red Sox knocked out the Yankees in '04, the Most-Glorious thing was the '55 WS Championship of the Brooklyn Dodgers:

Improve & NEVER tear down Fenway Park

4:27 PM  

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