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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Traditional Mass & The Novus Ordo Mass-Why I Like The 1st One Better

In the 1st Mass, that is, the Traditional One, I don't get to hear the Line Of Marty Haugen-David Haas "Hymns To Self" sung. Gregorian Chant is my forte:

The 1st Option allows for Silent Prayer & Contemplation. It also is rather-athletic in the # of times, which one kneels, stands & sits. The Epistle, Gradual & Gospel are fine, instead of Old Testament, Responsorial Psalm & Epistle(A Disjointed One) & Gospel;

One woman wrote an essay on how well the people participate & are so-alive in the Novus Ordo Mass. The problem is, where are many of those people, who she's talking about;

After Last Week's Mass, I felt empty today, especially with Novus Ordo Hymns;

But, Mass is still Mass;

Gloria In Excelcis Deo;



Blogger Anita Moore said...

Yep, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'll take the most badly-offered Novus Ordo Mass (provided it's not bad to the point of invalidity) over a Communion service any day of the week.

I have great (and very solid) hopes of a Tridentine Mass within 30 miles of where I live in the not-too-distant future!

10:20 PM  
Blogger paramedicgirl said...

I also feel spiritually empty after most NO Masses. I travel to the TLM once a month and the difference is remarkable. When I leave the TLM, I feel like I have worshiped God. It leaves a lasting impression of peace that I don't get from the NO.

12:01 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Georgia & Anita:

The TLM is God-Centred;

The NO tends to be Personality-Centred;

I like the 1st Option, better.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Anita Moore said...

The TLM is God-Centred;

The NO tends to be Personality-Centred;

I like the 1st Option, better.

Well, I look forward to the day when I HAVE options!

4:34 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

May the option come soon

6:34 PM  

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