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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All Star Game Coverage On FOX Tonight

Expect the following at 8PM, ET:

Jeanie Zelasko's Hair will be frozen-looking & frosted, while Kevin Kennedy basically say very-little;

Around 8:15PM, ET, Joe Buck introduces Tim Mc Carver, which causes millions of fans to shut off their televisions, so they can do something else;

Player Introductions, Honourees, National Anthems sung by "American Idol Winners", Air Force Fly Over & 1st Ball Thrown out;

After load of commercials, 1st pitch thrown @ 8:48PM, ET, followed by speech calling for canonization of Derek Jeter for Sainthood, by Tim Mc Carver, as well as 17+mentions of Jeter(Tim) & Sarcasm by Buck;

Moving Tribute to Barry Bonds;

Massive vomiting by those stuck watching FOX. Sets to be turned off after 17th mention of Derek Jeter, by the 3rd Inning;

You aren't missing anything, except real baseball;



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must every other post you write be about this obsession you have with McCarver? Talk about pathological behavior.

It's also really boring as well.

2:42 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Thanks, Tim:


9:42 AM  

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