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Friday, July 27, 2007

I Now Realize Why There Was A Movement To Save Fenway Park-As The Mets Are Incredibly Greedy --------

I just read the New Stadium Pages of both the Mets & Yankees & find that the two stadia are a SHARP Contrast in styles & sizes:

The NEW Yankee Stadium(The New Toilet-Lol)will have a capacity of 53,000, down some 4600 seats from the current location+plenty of room to roam around;

The New Citi Field, replacing Shea Stadium, will have a capacity of 42,500 seating+2500 SRO. Shea Stadium has a capacity of 57,633. This will drop capacity, DRAMATICALLY. ALL Partial Plans have been discontinued & the emphasis will be on corporations & people with EXTREMELY BIG Bank Accounts;

Fred Wilpon & Company? You will have produced the 1st-Ever Fan Friendly, Fan-FREE Ball Park in MLB History. What are you going to do for an encore?

I guess that by acquiring Ballplayers way past their Prime(Moises Alou, Sandy Alomar Jr), it's part of your plan to drive away the Family Crowd, so much a staple of Shea Stadium, in Seasons Past, so that ONLY the Elite, who wouldn't know J.J. Putz from Derek Jeter, could come to see Vladimir Guerrero & Alex Rodriguez, along with Pedro Martinez;

Will the Ethnics & All Races be welcomed into Citi Field, or will it be the Fat Cats on Park Avenue, Madison Avenue, 5th Avenue, Greenwich, CT, etc. I forgot Muttontown, a Gated "Fat Cat" Community in Nassau County, Long Island;

You know what's sad about this? As my Father took me to my 1st MLB Game, in Shea Stadium, in September, 1966, he encouraged me to root for the underdog, which the Mets Represented, in the line of the Brooklyn Dodgers;

Funny, but for me, the Brooklyn Dodgers are now represented by the Boston Red Sox(Since The 1st Visit To Fenway Park on Saturday, June 28th, 1997), I will actually find it easier to get a ticket in Boston than it'll be getting a ticket to Citi Field. And I already have more-fun in Fenway Park, anyway;

A-Rod or Steve Trachsel? Was boring the fans to tears part of your plans, Fred?



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