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Friday, July 20, 2007

Since When TF Did Javier Vasquez Start Looking Like Koufax

Dice K was pitching with Gas. Unfortunately, it was the kind of gas, which one would emit, after a Bacon & Egg Sandwich & 4 Beers, clearing out Kenmore Staion, Park Street & Willets Point Blvd(In The Last one, Benitez would do that):

A-F------ Flat! It was the White Sox, defeating a gasless Red Sox, 4-2. Dice K threw 106 Pitches in 5 Innings;

Why is a certain conversation with Pat From Briarwood, Queens, @ The Hairy Monk, on New Years Day, starting to make sense, NOW, that conversation so-filled with pessimism?

Quinn? I hope that you don't get hit with a rain delay, like the Fenway Faithful were last night. Beckett starts tonight & Gabbard starts tomorrow;

BTW, DFYankmes lost 3-2 to Toronto, @ The Toilet;

& The Mets were on a tear, wearing down Los Dodgers, 13-9, as "Dos Carlos",& Ruben Castro all homered;



Blogger Suldog said...

Well, the guy does have something like the third-most strikouts this decade, so he's not a total bum. I get your point, though.

10:00 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

That was mostly with Montreal:

W/DFYankees, it was another matter

2:42 PM  

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