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Monday, February 19, 2007

On The Back Pages of The NY Post & NY Daily News-The Bernie Williams Saga

As Baseball Season draws nigh, we of the New York Metropolitan Area Contingent of Red Sox Nation, who because we're based in the City where Yankees News NEVER Lets Up, we're being driven to the point of screaming "Shut Up, Already" at the Sports Editors of the NY Daily News(Mort Zuckerman-Publisher)& The NY Post(K. Rupert Murdoch, whose Media Empire includes FOX, a network waiting to premiere some groundbreaking series called "Fort Martina" or "NYPD Blue Meets The L Word" & will soon subject our ears on Saturdays to two baboons named Joe & Tim):

You see that Bernie Williams, a once-prestigious hitter, is only being invited to Yankees Spring Training as a non-roster player;

Bernie Williams has no throwing arm, just like "Juan Damon"(Thanks Loren & Wally on WROR-FM in Boston, for that mocking of Judas Damon). If "Juan Damon" has a "6th Grade Girl's Arm", then Bernie's is one Grade, below that;

The Yankees Era is done for awhile & longer, if they can't get rid of A-Fraud. Keep A-Fraud in The Bronx;

Perhaps Bernie has that intense talent for music. It's time to pursue the Musical Period & the time is NOW, as there's life after Baseball;



Blogger Peter N said...

And this serious Bernie saga contrasts comically with the AROD/Jeter...."we're not best friends anymore" fable...a story that I can't take seriously. Actually, it makes me laugh. Poor Joe Torre...he's in charge of the New York Yankee soap opera. And yes, we have our "Manny stuff," but Arod and Jeter?...speechlessly priceless!

8:53 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

A true bunch of jokers, Peter, that's who they are & I live in the midst of all this insanity:

Thanks for coming to my Catholic Blogs List of Associates;


12:49 PM  

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