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Monday, February 26, 2007

Latin Quiz

"Te Igitur" Means:

(A) Cousin of Hanc Igitur;

(B) "Thee, Therefor";

(C) Manny Ramirez finally reported to Spring Training;

(D) Orlando Hernandez is older than 37;

"Hanc Igitur" Means:

(A) Te's Brother;

(B) "We Beseech";

(C)"Let's Go Red Sox";

(D) Hank Williams Jr;

Answer to Question I:
If You answered (A), there are no "Igitur Brothers" who I know of, though I've known a few guys named Iggy. I do know a Bishop in Brooklyn, called Ignatius Catanello, but that's beside the point;

If you answered (C) to Question I, trust me in that Manuel Aristides Ramirez will do something dumb, in Mid-Season, like demand a trade to some team like the Florida Marlins, so he can be closer to his wife's home in Brazil;

If you've answered (D), you only have Novus Ordo Mass experience or you spend too much time at Shea Stadium. Believe me, though, that Orlando's age is "Mysterium" to me;

The answer is (B), which means that you're a Student of the Traditional Latin Mass;

Answer To Question II:

See Question I above, for answering (A);

If your answer is (C), your Latin Teacher, Gerald Peter Remy(NESN & FOX), may just crack you on the head, with Don Orsillo(NESN)laughing, having no idea just what was said, he being so "Novus Ordo." Your idea of Mass is a Red Sox Game on the road, away from Fenway Park;

If your answer is (D), Taj Cardinal Mahony just might have a "Monday Night Football"-Themed Liturgy in mind, complete with "MNF"-Style Hymns & Cheerleaders, I mean "Liturgical Pole Dancers";

The answer is (B), or "We Beseech", as we plead to The Lord;

Go to, for Traditional Mass Times in your area;




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