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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Call Me An Apostate-Call Me A Heretic-Call It Blasphemy But The Red Sox Are NOT Repeating This Year-So, Fuggetibowdit

Beckett is SORE. Then again, that happens every two years. 2006 was not good to him. Neither is 2008. In this year's Session at Fort Myers, he arrived looking like he ate The Republic Of Texas, like Roger "I Never Done Taked Them Steroids" Clemens, when he arrived at Spring Training in 1993:

Red Sox re-upped Curt Schilling, only for him to not show on the field. I wonder just whose decision it was to re-sign Mr Schilling? The Guy was in pain, and got his surgery;

Bart Colon is, possibly on his way back;

I knew, and most-likely, you did too, that not all was right in the pitching department, especially in the 19-17 victory over Texas at Fenway Park. Starters getting bombed all over the place, is NOT a good sign. And Sox Batting has been inconsistent;

Papi is a big guy and Papi is hurting, in his wrist;

Then, Manny(Remember Him) was a cantankerous arse, looking for a huge boot in the labanza. I wanted to give him one on April 20th, when I came in from Queens, and Manny argued a 3rd Strike and got ejected from the game, which the Sox won 6-5;

Remember the "Influenza" outbreak on the Sox in April? It wasn't even "Influenza" Season. Somebody may have eaten undercooked food and, BANG, it was Barf City for this team;

If the stories are true about a possible break-up between Theo Epstein and Larry Lucchino, will it go like this 1st scenario at the end of '05;
Larry talks behind Theo's back to Dan "The C H B" Shaughnessy, who writes for the NY Times Company-Owned Boston Globe, with Theo as "Tom Seaver", Larry, as "M. Donald Grant", and The C H B, as "Dick Young"(NY Daily News), similar to what happened in 1977, with Seaver being traded by the Mets for junk;
Who will Larry be known as, this time around? Will he be a snake like some General Partner in the NY National League Baseball Club, currently moving to Citi($iti)Field named "Jeffy"? Will "The C H B", act as a spy for "Jeffy" Lucchino, by spreading rumors in the Offices in Fenway Park, then leaking it to E S P N, S N Y, FOX, N E S N, etc? Will Theo be blamed as if he was Willie Randolph and FIRED around 3:00AM? Was Theo treated as if his last name is "Minaya"?

After the Sox got blown out 11-0 in Toronto, a major overhaul of pitching, will be needed. Right now, with 33 Games to go, and Tampa Bay, which was aggressive in its' '07 post-season, as well as winning on the road, will be tough to take down. What you do over the Winter, can determine what you do in the Spring, Summer and Autumn. If you sow nothing, you reap nothing;




Blogger The Omnipotent Q said...

Nice job tossing the Red Sox under the bus, front runner.

12:59 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Ok, Very Funny, Omnipotent One:

I know that there are 32 Games remaining on the schedule. I will say that pitching was better, last year, which isn't always the case in the following year;

A quasi '05 pattern was seen and with key injuries to Beckett, who alternates between great and mediocre, due to Injury Issues, such as Inflammation, as well as to Jonathan D Drew, who has injury issues;

It might be a repeat of '05. One never expected Clay Buchholz to bomb out this year, like he has. I think once his issues are resolved, he'll be back;

Then, again, the Season has its' surprises. The 40 Man roster has been a tonic, in some cases, as Buchholz came from there to pitch a No Hitter;

BUT, Tampa Bay did prepare, nicely, though one never expected it this year. Sox pitching needs fixing up;

AND, a fan can be critical. For a fan is part rah-rah and part critic, who wants his/her money's worth;

Hey, I get frustrated as well as you. If I can't inject some humor, what's the point of blogging;

Take Care! Ciao!

2:04 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

It's a recent pattern. After the Glory of '04, '05 seemed that much-flatter:

History may be repeating itself in '08, in the fashion of '05. '06 was just an Injury-Ridden Washout;

BUT, things will get better;


2:13 PM  
Blogger The Omnipotent Q said...

I'm not laughing.

I don't like front runners.

Or back stabbers.

The end.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I'm NOT a Front-Runner. I observe performances. Some have NOT been good, unlike last season. Consistency is something we all seek, especially a Good Consistency:

It is just amazing that this appears to be something of a replay of 2005, and that's all;

The word "Fan" is a derivative of "Fanatic".

3:43 PM  

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