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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bidding Fond Adieu To Shea Stadium With A Tear Or Two In My Eyes

Actual New Yorkers do traverse the miles to go to this place, as do New Englanders who cannot get tickets at Fenway Park. It is not a place for sheer tourists, unlike that "Toilet" in The Bronx, "The House That George Costanza Worked In";

It is Utilitarian and got the job done. It has served as the City-Wide Relief And Housing Center after 09-11-01. It had been the the Home Field in 1975 for The Mets, Yankees, Jets and Giants. It hosted 1 Cosmos N A S L Playoff Game, where the Great Pele' scored a goal. A Soccer Team called Shea Home for the 1980 Season. The "Rivalry" came alive here;

In my 1st-Ever Major League Baseball Game, in 1966, I watched the NY Mets lose 6-0 to the Phillies. I watched from the 3rd Base Side, in Loge Level. In my Final Game, I also watched from the 3rd Base Side;

For I was at Shea Stadium, yesterday, mourning the passing of a N Y C Tradition. I listened to an Old Time Mets Fan, telling me the story of Game 5 of the 1969 World Series, especially at the End and Triumph that Followed in The Mayhem of October 16th, 1969;

It was not all celebration, as there were crazy folks, climbing up on the huge right center field scoreboard, and then jumping to their deaths. Tragedy was intertwined with Triumph;

The man told that story, as he also told me that he used to be a major Mets Season Ticket Holder, but that changed with the M L B Players Strike of 1994. That strike had its' effects on the real fans, as Shea Stadium was becoming more-corporate;

As I looked at the Mets Bullpen, visions of going through it during J-E-T-S Games, played in my head. As I gazed out toward the Center Field Fence, memories of Pope John Paul II's Grand Entrance, came alive. Watching the Game from the 3rd Base Line, evoked memories of that 1st Ever Game in 1966. Being in Upper Level, evoked memories of games, especially Doubleheaders that only cost $1.30 to get into. I've sat in every level of Shea Stadium;

Soon , it'll be gone, as only 22 more regular season M L B Games, will be played there, as demolition of Shea Stadium, will commence in November, 2008. Yesterday's Game was the Last Weekday Daytime Home Game in the History of Shea Stadium. It was a Time to reflect on life and the passing of this N Y C Piece of History;

Pedro Martinez is a Pitcher and "A Lion At Twilight", and didn't pitch badly, though not like The Pedro Of Older Times. He left the game after the 6th Inning with a 4 Run Lead;

David Wright slammed his 23rd Homer, a 3 Run Shot, over the R C F Fence, to make it 3-0. Robinson Cancel hit his 1st M L B Round Tripper on a Line Drive to the Orange L F Foul Pole;

Sadly, Omar Minaya, General Manager, has not addressed the Relief Pitching Problems, which are Quite-Serious. Then, again, fans at Shea Stadium, know that Omar doesn't have a free hand in player decisions, as Mets Chief Operating Officer and General Partner, The Petulant, Hitler-iffic, Bratty, Nasty and All Around Hated, Jeffy Wilpon, son of Principal Owner, Fred Wilpon, both of whom are on "The Riviera List" at Professor Thom's, a well-renowned Red Sox Oasis in Manhattan's East Village, has too much to say(Jeffy is a little s---);

When Relievers, Darren Oliver and Chad Bradford weren't re-signed after '06 and the N L C S, many knew it was Jeffy, who called the shots;

The Mets Bullpen(Feliciano, Schowenweiss, Sanchez, Smith and Heilman) gave the Pirates the 7-5 Win;

I left Shea Stadium. I cried on the Ramp between Mezzanine Level and Loge. It was a Final Farewell. I remembered my parents who took me to this destination. Memories Die Hard;

A man-child has no business handling a Major League Ballclub's Major Decisions. Go play in your $iti Field Playpen, Jeffy. I'll be at Fenway Park, next season;


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Blogger The Omnipotent Q said...

I never heard of any fan "jumping to their death from the scoreboard" following the 1969 Mets win. Sounds like an urban legend to me. If it had happened, it would have completely overshadowed the Mets triumph.

11:55 AM  
Blogger Suldog said...

Two wonderful nostalgic posts, Michael.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

It might be an Urban Legend. For I never heard the tale until yesterday:

It was a Farewell and Quite Sad, even a bit maudlin. Thanks, Suldog and Q, for stopping by here.

3:20 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

That Suicide Story is an Urban Legend:

Nothing was mentioned in the Stories of that day

3:15 AM  

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