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Friday, August 29, 2008

Death By Bullpen And The Yankees Private Security Force C/O Rudolph Giuliani

1st-Death By Bullpen:
Remember when Mr Okajima was the Bridge To Mr Papelbon? He has been this season, ONLY LESS So, this season, especially with runners on base. Mr Jon Lester turned in a Stellar Performance, with 7 1/3 Innings Pitched. At times, Okie-Dokie reminds me a bit of the Unlamented Eric Gagne' of Last Season, which leaves me with an Ill Feeling in my gut, similar to having a Boilermaker, which is something I don't enjoy at all, currently;

Oki-Doki gave up a 2 Run Bomb to the Mustachioed GiamBALCO(How's the D H E A, BTW);

Mr Masterson, who I feel is a better starter, was in relief of Oki-Doki and loaded up the bags in the bottom of the 9th. No Fun was had, so Paps was rushed into production(Here's hoping that Pitching Coach, Mr John Farrell isn't listening to fellow Jerseyite, Mr Rick Peterson, though Farrell might be-lol). Paps gave up a Single to D H E A Boy, and Red Sox Nation was sent home, a bit p---ed off, today(Yankees 3-2 over The Red Sox in Toilet II). If there's any consolation for today, A-Jerk struck out 3 Times. The ONLY thing he's valuable for is starring in Pepsi Commercials, causing me to imbibe in adult beverages a bit more-often;

I relied on both Game Day Audio(W E E I) and W C B S 880 for my information on the Game. I prefer Radio to Television, as I pay more attention to Radio for Baseball. I found it fascinating to hear both Sterling and Waldman to be so-subdued these last few weeks;

2nd-About "God Bless America";
I have no objection to its' playing, though I have a funny feeling that it's played to keep Yankee Fans from beating the s--t out of other fans or each other, like when the Working Class Folk like beating the s--t out of the Abercrombie and Fitch Crowd. The A And F Crowd will dominate Toilet III, across W.161st Street, leaving the Working Class Crowd Out Of The Loop;
Now, if Henry The Moronic, who looks like a reject from a Roger Clemens Look-Alike Contest, wonders why fans of other clubs, like the Red Sox or Mets, despise coming to "Toilet II", one only needs to look into Tier, very-similar to the Right Field Bleachers, only with beer sold, and the Right Center-Field Bleachers. Now, I thought the word "A--h-le" was banned, but I heard it going live over YES(We couldn't see N E S N, as we of R S N, here in NYC are subjected to Lord George's Network during Yankees-Red Sox). The Bleacher Creatures were certainly NOT ejected for those actions;
Now, some French Canadian Red Sox Fan was in "The Toilet", and HAD to go to take a leak in the 7th Inning, rather-badly. Well, a member of George Steinbrenner's For Hire Security Service, C/O One Rudolph Giuliani, a Failed Republican Presidential Candidate, who suddenly made good on the Taxes he had to pay for receiving 4 World Series Rings from The NY Yankees(Revealed in The Village Voice, some months earlier), stopped the Fan from going to the bathroom. The guy did have to go, but was ejected from "The Toilet". You see, Hankenstein doesn't care if it's an Emergency for a Patron-That person must stand for "God Bless America", as it's all part of the PHONY Yankees Decorum, not UNLIKE M L B's Massive Salute to a 32 Year Old Ballpark in the Bronx;
As for Rudy G., renting out the N Y P D as George's Yankee Stadium Security Service, as George bullies the Ushers' Union, a hearty, Fitzy-Style, "G F Y" to you and The Skanks, who Rudy sold himself to, years ago;


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Blogger Peter N said...

I know she's a nice person who knows her baseball, Yankee style, but I CANNOT STAND listening to Susan Waldman's whining voice. I guess it's a personal preference. Thanks Mike. Now it's White Sox time in Friendly Fenway.

6:27 AM  
Blogger Peter N said...

With no Josh....

6:27 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

ESPECIally The Return of Roger Clemens, when Suzyn sounded Orgasmic:

It was so-mocked on W F A N-660

6:41 AM  

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