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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Doris Kearns Goodwin And Dem Bums And Me

Her move into The Boston Red Sox, was predicated on a Team which played at Bedford Avenue and Sullivan Place, in The Current Crown Heights Section of Brooklyn, near Prospect Park:

THAT was the Site of Ebbets Field, bounded by Mc Keever Street, Sullivan Street and Bedford Avenue. Trolleys carried those Ol' Brooklyn Dodgers Fans to that ballpark. So Did the B M T Subway to the Prospect Park Station;

Ebbets Field was a Bandbox Style Ballpark. In short, it only held 33K Seats and had two decks. It also had a huge Italian Marble Rotunda;

So, while living in Boston, Doris Kearns of Rockville Centre, In Nassau County, a New York Suburban County, went to Fenway Park, which she dubbed "Flatbush North". People arrive there by Underground Trolley at Kenmore Station, on what is known as the Green Line "T";

Ebbets Field was opened in 1913 and ceased all operations in 1960. Baseball-Wise, Brooklyn died in 1957. To Doris, a 1st Trip to Fenway Park, rekindled that Brooklyn Baseball Spirit, as well as that sense of Brooklyn Baseball, only it was at a Bandbox Ballpark, bounded by Brookline Avenue, Landsdowne Street,and Van Ness Street and Jersey Street(Yawkey Way), in Boston;

As I was 8.5 Months Old, at the Time of the 1st Dodgers World Championship, which sent Brooklyn Dodgers Fans into a Frenzy, all over N Y C, particularly in Brooklyn(1955), it took that Year of 2004, to explain what happened in Brooklyn, in 1955;

A ride on The "T" Green Line to Kenmore, showed what it was like,going to either Prospect Park Station or on a Trolley to Bedford Avenue, to a Dodgers Game. Only, for me, it was Red Sox Baseball, with a "B" on the Cap, and NOT "Dem Bums";

Bounding into Fenway Park, after The "T" Ride, gave me a sense of the "Brooklyn", I NEVER Knew. As Joe Castiglione would put it, on Radio, "Can You Believe It", it would be being transported back into a time warp-an Urban Ballpark, where people would arrive by public transportation;

Just like it was in Brooklyn, many years ago, Boston's Kenmore Area is where Serious Major League Baseball is played. Fenway Park has been around since 1912 on the same site and has been in continuous use since 1912, only it has received a Good Number of face-lifts. It has NOT been neglected, unlike Wrigley Field in Chicago, where The Cubs play, but that park, structurally, is falling apart from wear;

Fenway Park does NEED new Grandstand Seats, as those old blue seats have been worn for wear. The Ownership Group has made many improvements, including backs for the Bleacher Seats, and made Wider Concourses in the structure;

Now, a new Ebbets Field-Tribute Park is structurally-finished in the Old Parking Lot, behind the Center Field Fence at Shea Stadium, with an upper-level, where it's last row, finishes about 7 Rows below the last 7 Rows of Shea Stadium. This is an Ebbets Field TRIBUTE Park? I can still be on a 1st Name Basis with Pilots, landing at La Guardia Airport. Where's the Trolley Line? what's so memory-evoking as the I R T #7 Flushing Line? Wait! On The Old B M T to Prospect Park from Either Brighton Beach or Franklin Avenue and Fulton Street, the Train was the #7. The Trolley is now a Hybrid Electric Q48 M T A-N Y C T Bus Line;

Only, by Fenway Park, and the The Ebbets Field Site, people actually lived or live there. By the new "Citi Field", the nearest person to live in that area, is a few blocks away. Currently, by Shea Stadium, there's no "There", there;

Give me Fenway Park for 2 to 3 Games a year. It's more "Brooklyn" than the Citi Field Area will ever be;

There's another reason why the Mets didn't attract Doris Kearns Goodwin-something called that Old Enemy Ballpark, longtime home of the N Y(NOW S F Giants), the Polo Grounds+the SYMETRYCAL-NESS of Shea Stadium. Fenway Park is asymetrycal. Old Time Fans KNOW what they want;


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Blogger Mainecatwoman said...

Riding the green line to Fenway is absolutely masochisitc, Mike! Take the orange line and walk the rest of the way!!!!!

5:22 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Where does the Orange Line leave me, Lisa?

10:21 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

OK-Back Bay To Ruggles-I can either walk to Fenway Park, or shuttle bus it from there.

10:27 AM  
Blogger SINYMETS said...


I LOVED my trip to Fenway and your right ownerships has done a great job in fixing up the old gal. I took the Green Line and it was fine I still have my Charlie Card as a souvenir.and it as as close to the Brooklyn expirence circa 1950's as you can find.

All $iti Field is for is to add to Jeffy's trust fund

10:35 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Well, Steve:

$iti Field does add to Jeffy's Trust Fund. I don't care for that little s---, Jeffy;

I'll be saying a fond goodbye to Ol' Shea Stadium, Today. I will miss it INTENSELY;

It is at Shea Stadium, where the chant of "Yankees Suck" wafts from Right Field Mezzanine;

Today will be memories of all sorts, from Pope John Paul II, to wanting to beat the s--- out of Bleacher Creature-Morons to Joe Namath, to the 1 Time I got to see the NY Giants, to the time where that Roided PO#2, Roger Clemens, got clocked by Shawn Estes and Mike Piazza, on the 25th Anniversary Of Seaver Trade I;

How many real fans will pack Jeffy and Freddie's Pleasure Palace, a Jive Copy of Ebbets Field?

And to think that it used to be $1.30 for Upper Level at Shea Stadium. Now a seat up there can cost $35 for Platinum Games;

And Steve, you're right-Tim Mc Carver is Tim Mc Fullofshit. He once said in last Year's ALCS that "I think that Youkilis would make a good #8 Hitter with the Pitcher's Spot due up", causing a number of us to break into convulsive laughter;

I'm waiting for Omar to sign Steve Carlton. It's as if he's Jeffy's New Marionette or "Puppet On A String";

Jeffy DESERVES to be strung by his ankles from a Shea Stadium Upper Level Ramp, along with Omar and Rick Peterson along with Buck and Mc Carver;

Next Season, unless The Red Sox Come to $iti Field, I think I'll skip the 1st Season;

Fred And Jeffy, have given the Real Fans the World's Biggest Finger;

And I'll do my 2 or 3 Games at Fenway Park, next Season;

Take Care. I'll be at Shea, Today.

9:36 AM  

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