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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm Hearing "Fine Whining" From A Select Group Of "Fans"

Things are not going right for their team. So what do I hear? I heard the Number 26 mentioned over and over again. The 26th Championship, as well as the 25th Championship, are laden by a very "Juicy" controversy, along with the Pennant won in '03:

Their Team has NO World Series Championships in THIS Century, as 2000 was the last year of the TWENTIETH Century. They do root for a team with The MOST-EXPENSIVE payroll and NON-CLUTCH Player in the History of The Game. That "Mr Clutch When There's NOTHING On The Line", was 0-5, striking out at the end of the game, while he also hit into 2 Double Plays during the game, which INFURIATED the team's fans to no end;

Oh, BTW, did anyone notice just how EMPTY their stadium became, by the top of the 9th Inning. I assure you that the "Bleacher Creatures" were in their bars, drinking and acting like themselves, namely like the a--h-l-s, they really are, especially when reciting the tired mantra of "26 World Championships";

I let you GUESS which team this is. They SUCK;




Blogger Suldog said...

Loved seeing Wake get a win in NYC. And any time Mr. May-June-July gets booed, that's a bonus.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

True, Jim:

A-Rod may add another title;

Miss October

2:26 PM  

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