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Thursday, April 10, 2008

It Didn't Get By Buckner For He Was Honoured With The 1st Ball Ceremony @ The Opener

From the time I was 14 in Brooklyn, until I was 35 in Queens, Bill Buckner played ball. His best Years were with The Dodgers & Cubs:

But, he had Good Times with The Red Sox;

& Game 6 in the '86 World Series was NOT his fault-Calvin Schiraldi fell apart, which was part of his Shea Stadium Legacy, especially in 1985;

Ol' #6, Threw Out The 1st Pitch this past Tuesday. Without Buckner, there may NOT have been a 1986 American League Pennant;

He Shed a few Tears as his welcome was Emotional & Rousing;

I shed a few myself, as I was Glad That He was Honoured in such fashion;


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Blogger Suldog said...

That was as nice a thing as I've seen in Boston sports. I've always defended the guy from the loonies and dolts who somehow believe that he cost the Sox the WS. Nice to see him have a good moment in the sun.

12:47 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Buckner was no Villian. Gedman was Guilty of a Passed Ball. Roger Clemens Wimped Out. Calvin Schiraldi is a Major Culprit, as was Johnny Mac

3:35 PM  

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