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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shea & Fenway

It must be the fact that Shea Stadium, located by the Grand Central Parkway & Van Wyck Expressway, is the middle of NOWHERE. Now, certain habits are formed, especially by the Fathers of Children, to depart at the end of the 7th Inning:

I know, I Know, you want to get out of the various Shea Parking Lots-they can be a pain in the arse. And I know that you don't always trust the Good Ol' IRT #7 Flushing-Times Square Line, or the LIRR Port Washington to Penn Station Line;

Often, the ONLY ones left in the Park, by the Bottom of the 9th, wear caps with a Red B on them;

In one Mets Game in August 1969 vs the LA Dodgers, the Game was tied. So, firing up Ol' WJRZ 970AM in Dad's Car, one could hear Bob Murphy calling the Game;
"A High Pop Up To short by Grote. He can't get it. Swoboda around 3rd, he'll score & The Mets Win The Ball Game, 5-4". That was the 9th Inning & Dad trying to, according to his tradition, beat the traffic out of Shea's Main Parking Lot, by leaving in the Bottom of The 7th;

A LOT of those Habits, die hard with Mets Fans, but they miss the point &, perhaps, the Most-Exciting Part of The Game;

Fenway Park on Sunday, April 20th, the Sawx faced the Texas Rangers. Down 5-0 after 6 1/2 Innings, they scored 2 in the Bottom of the 7th Inning. In the 8th with 2 Outs & No One on base, a 4 Run Rally began & The Sawx won 6-5 & EVERYONE I Know of, STAYED, so the Party in Game On, was So-Much Sweeter. There was no need to catch Dave O'Brien & Castig, on the Radio via WRKO 680, afterwards, or while making a run for it at the end of the 7th;

Sawx Fans don't make a run for it. Mets Fans DO TAKE NOTE;



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Blogger Suldog said...

I have NEVER understood the mindset of leaving a baseball game before the final out. It's not like football or basketball or hockey. Time cannot run out. Anything can happen. Why bother going at all if you aren't going to see the whole game?

Of course, I show up 90 minutes before first pitch, too :-)

11:41 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Ditto, Jim! A few days ago, I was @ the Beer Works before the game, for 1 "Victory Red" IPA, then made it to Outfield Grandstand 3, Row 12. NO ONE LEFT. I LOVE IT.

3:05 PM  

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