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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Chad Dolby Wants To Give A Red Sox Cap Back To The Rightful Owner

Chad Dolby is from NJ. Chad Dolby is a NY Mets Fan, sympathetic to the Red Sox Cause & Nation. He was at Yankee Stadium on Friday Night, when The NY Yankees were losing 13-4 to the Tampa Bay Rays & their "Fans" were in a FOUL Mood:

Some poor guy with a Red Sox Cap was accosted by these "Yankees Fan" Vermin, having his hat stolen, and was threatened by the usual assorted drunks & vermin, who comprise Yankee Stadium's Crowd, for wearing the cap. The Cap was found under the stands by Dolby's friend. He wants to return the Red Sox Cap to the rightful owner. Chad was thought to have the cap & was threatened by certain of Yankees Fans with extreme physical harm;

Dear Red Sox Fan-contact Chad at H's only too glad to return that cap. Besides, METS Fans are NOT YANKEES FANS. Those 2 Fan Bases despise one another. Mets Fans usually protect Red Sox Fans;




Blogger KAYLEE said...

how are you michael! ? I am hanging in there :P

5:32 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

& I'm overwhelmingly-grateful that you're here, Kaylee. Be Well! Michael

8:43 PM  

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