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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The 13th Centennial Post-MCCC-A Time To THINK & Have A Few Laughs

A Man called Neville, born in a Free State called Ireland, he of unbelievable wit, was asked a question. He, being a World Champion Dancer, knew how to dance around complexity, by stating a most-obvious answer.
I had the temerity to ask “Just which people in the Metropolitan Baseball Club, deserved to be fired," for the lackluster performance during the final week of September, ‘07, costing the club, a position in Post Season.
He was direct in his surmise, for he stated, matter of factly “Fire The Fcuckin' Players”:

With Fag in Fingers, he puffed away, contently & @ ease. With Faggot in hand, he plotted his next move against a Game Presenter on FOX;

I know what you may be thinking, but this is merely a matter of language, especially in Eire & The UK. There are differences in the Lingua Franca between The British Isles & we who reside across a large pond, called the Atlantic Ocean, not a rather-flooded Atlantic Avenue, covering Brooklyn & Queens. For you see, Faggot is simply a bunch of sticks & Fag is merely a stick, which in this case is a stick, laden with nicotine, which is usually smoked, for Neville was smoking a Cigarette of a rather "Kool" Variety, as well as enjoying a Royal Pint of Fermented Liquid Bread Of The Monks, causing him to be "Harpooned" into being philosophical. The Faggot in hand, was a pack of Kool Cigarettes;

Across that pond, a Presenter is what we call a Commentator @ an event. The event I'm focusing on is Major League Baseball's Fall Classic, called The World Series, even though 29 of the 30 M L B Teams are located in the United States Of America, with one based in Toronto, ON, Canada, However, as more players come from the Far East & Latin America & Australia, the Game truly has an International Character;

The Presenter in question, is called the "Lead Baseball Analyst" on a network of TV Stations, called FOX, which is part of the Worldwide News Corporation Empire, headed by one Mr K.Rupert Murdoch. FOX is a derivative of the Great Movie Studio, 20th Century FOX. The Lead Baseball Analyst gives insights into the Game, presenting information, not ordinarily seen by the fans. Unfortunately, his knickname is "Master Of The Obvious Observation";

He's often "The Master Of The Wrong Name." On a play called in August, on "FOX Saturday Baseball", involving L A Dodgers @ NY Mets @ Shea Stadium, he said "Fine Play by Sandy Alomar J r". The only problem, was that the player was Russell Martin of The Dodgers, as a NY Mets player fouled out to the Dodgers Catcher. Alomar was the NY Mets Catcher that day;

I can just imagine who's starting for The Boston Red Sox in Game 3 of the '07 World Series:
@ SS is Julio Matsui; @ 2nd Base is Dustin Pedelsbury; in CF is Creme Crispy; in RF is Nixon Drew; Pitching is Dice Clay Matsusonnenberg; I think you get the idea of whom I'm talking about, because the only names he'll get right, are Steve Carlton & Derek Jeter;

& Neville, Born in Eire & raised in The Bronx, north of "The Toilet", while growing up a Mets Fan of the 1st Generation, will have another Fermented Liquid Bread Of The Monks, chanting that classic "Riviera" chant of "F--- Mc Cavah, That Aresecap";

There's a Time for Thought, A time For Fun & a Time for Silliness & it's my belief that Post #1300, has covered that, as Baseball winds down, as "JETS" means "Just End The Season", METS means "Must End The Season" & "Domenic, Go Frisk 'Em", would've been a prayer chant, if Mc Cavah was ever an Altar Server. I've more important things like deciding which Victory Music, In Latin, should be added to this blog, as well as paying Bills & enjoying life in General;

Go Red Sox-Sledge Hammer The ROX;

Pax Vobiscum;




Blogger laura said...

Haven't heard his immense Yankee love yet..or maybe I'm not paying enough attention! I'm sure I'll hear it before the WS is over.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Like Tonight, with Sawx in a position to clinch, we'll hear from "The Guy With The Dye".

9:08 AM  

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