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Monday, October 01, 2007

As To When It Appeared That The NY Mets Were NOT Serious About '07

It was, IMHO, amazing that there was any run at all, but when the Mets Played Hardball with Excellent Relievers like Darren Oliver & Chad Bradford, I had that feeling which said that the team wasn't serious about another run for the gold:

No Wonder The Wilpons are called "The Coupons"-They'd rather have 4 Mediocre Players instead of 2 Good Ones, because the PRICE is right. They take Mets Fans for FOOLS. Aaron Sele had nothing in the tank for years, but he came cheaper than Darren Oliver & Joe Smith was @ New Orleans & WAY CHEAPER Than Chad Bradford. Jorge' Sosa could be added & that Asshole, Guillermo Mota could hold it in the 'pen, all for the price of two high quality pitchers. Of course, concession prices rose a good deal & there were more Gold weekends to make ticket prices rise, all without making any serious investment in the team;

Yesterday, I saw fans crying in the Shea Stands, via the CW11-NY. They FELT Betrayed. Trust Me, They WERE BETRAYED. & they will be BETRAYED AGAIN, when Citi Field(Stub Hub Park), opens for all the High Rollers & Fat Cats, with the REAL Fans left High & Dry. Getting Tickets at Fenway Park would seem easier than getting them in Corona;

Yesterday, @ Professor Thom's, I sang Two Editions of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game", one Rendition for those Mets Fans, viewing the Last Game/Irish Wake, on the CW11-NY, from Shea Stadium & The Usual Rendition for Red Sox Fans, viewing the Game, on NESN, from Fenway Park. It was Bittersweet+The Shout of "F--- The Yankees", which gets the crowd rolling;

So, as Fitzy would say to The Wilpons;
"Go F--k Yourselves";



Blogger Suldog said...

A very good friend of mine, and fellow softball teammate, is a Brooklyn-born Mets season ticket holder. He is dying this morning, no doubt.

My condolences to both of you. I really wanted to see them in it.

12:24 PM  
Blogger Krystle THE Red Sox Oasis said...

i can't believe they blew it.
i was at fenway and saw the scoreboard and was in like shock.

condolences to you buddy!

1:35 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Suldog & Krystle:

The Mets, The ORIGINAL Reason Why I Despise The NY Yankees, Being my #2 just behind The Red Sox, made no serious deals over the winter, as Ownership chose the Montreal Expos Path to a Championship(CHEAP, 2 Bit, 4th Rate, Low Rent & Bottom-Feeding);

Sterling Mets LP is concentrating everything in their new ballpark project. They have a History, under Fred Wilpon, of Downgrading, to suit the Wilpon Family Agenda. They're the Antithesis of New England Sports Ventures Inc(IE Henry, Werner, Lucchino & Company);

Over the last few seasons, a good deal of New England, headed to Shea Stadium, due to the Sellouts @ Fenway Park Situation. They got to see competitive Baseball;

In this past season, I had no idea, that they could hold 1st Place, despite downgrading the Pitching Staff. The Phillies & Braves Upgraded their Teams to their credit. I was surprised that the Mets remained in Competition @ all, due to what I saw as "Nickel & Dime" Interference by The Ownership;

& the Tears were BITTER, by BETRAYED Mets Fans, in the 50th Anniversary Year of The Departure of The Brooklyn Dodgers & NY Giants;

I got all teary-eyed, even though NOT surprised by any of this, as many of the Older Fans experienced the Moves of The Dodgers & Giants, out of NY, because Ownership Cut Corners;


6:56 PM  

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