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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bombos Away-Curt?" You Were Brilliant! & Jonathan D Drew-Bombs Away

Professor Thom's was PACKED, Last Night. We're seeing Red Sox Fans from all over, even from "The Hairy Monk", another famous Red Sox Watering Hole, As The Fermented Liquid Bread Of Monks(Harpoon Professor Thom's Ale), flowed freely:

Another filming of a Red Sox Documentary, by Bombo Films, took place over the din of those two jokers, Joe Buck, who looks amazingly-like some conceited arsecap named Jeffrey, with the blonde highlights & Tim Mc Carver(We KNOW HOW OLD you are, Tim-you're NOT a redhead, so can the Easter Egg Colouring of your hair). Haven't these two Magpies learned that people do appreciate some SILENCE during a telecast, ala Mr Vincent Scully? No, Perish that thought, as "Heckle & Jekyll" must bray on, as if magpies or, worse, Baboons;

J.D. Drew BLASTED a low, over the plate fast ball, off Fausto Carmona, long into the night for a Grand Slam Homer in the 1st Inning, with The Red Sox sending 7 Men to the plate, making the Game 4-0 Red Sox over the Indians;

The Final Score was 12-2 Red Sox. Curt Schilling showed us his Game 6 Form, which was fine over 7 innings. Javier Lopez also shut the door in the 8th & Eric Gagne' showed us a bit of "L'ancien Eric", by slamming the door on Cleveland in the 9th Inning;

We had our fun, during the Bombo Taping, in the form of "Ka(y)reoke", an art form of Professor Thom's. Ka(Y)Reoke" is so named because whenever the Yankees faced the Red Sox, we had to hear (The Unspeakable Horror Show) Michael Kay, a Babbling, Braying Shill, on the YES Network. We, basically mock all Yankees Broadcasters, except for Mr Bobby Murcer, who we actually enjoy. I called the 2nd & 5th Innings. I made the comment that Alex Rodriguez did NOT warrant $350M over 10 Seasons & I worked Solo, in both those innings, in imitation of Mr Scully, contrasting Buck & Mc Carver, those 2 Magpies;

When the Game ended, the chants of "F--- Kazmerczyk" & "F--- Mc Cahvah", flowed freely like Ale. Knuckle Jabs & High Fives were Given. Hugs & Kisses from Sweet Ladies, pleased me to no end. I had a great time, leading the Professor Thom's Partisans in "Take Me Out To The Ball Game", drowning out those 2 Magpies on FOX;

Like The Great Jack Buck used To Say "We'll See You Tomorrow Night"-well, that is TONIGHT, with Matsuzaka vs Westbrook, Red Sox vs Indians from Fenway Park on FOX @ 8:24PM-ET. I hope to see you all back out there;

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, even if you are a Giant PEZ Dispenser;

& The Gregorian Chant In Latin, will change, to what I hope, will be More-Triumphant Music, Soon;




Blogger Mainecatwoman said...

Hey, the chant has worked so far! Don't mess with a good thing!

4:20 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I'll save The "Gloria" for the World Series

5:21 PM  

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