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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Tim Mc Cahvah Drinking Game

This is how we @ Professor Thom's, pronounce Tim Mc Carver's Name, especially when the "Riviera" Hit List is announced. Imagine this scenario in The FOX Booth:

Tim is in the booth with Buck & Jerry Remy. Remy has the "Wally The Green Monster" Doll in a deck chair in the booth;

Tim; "Nice to see Youppi here with us";

Remy; "Youppi, Tim? This is Wally The Green Monster. Youppi was the Expos Mascot";

Tim; "Like The Late Richard E Nixon, Trot's Dad once said, 'You can't choke a chicken with its' head cut off'";

Joe Buck; "Call Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital right now & get a tank of oxygen. Tim's out of breath. Better yet, get some anesthesia";

With that scenario, I'd be on my 4th Harpoon IPA;




Blogger laura said...

Remy's head would probably explode if he had to do a whole game with Tim!

9:07 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

If anything, Remy has worked on FOX, with Kenny Albert, Marv's Kid:

They make a great duo;

Add Tim & FOX Sports is looking for problems

8:57 AM  

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