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Saturday, October 27, 2007

On Apple's New Fat Cat Called Leopard-I think I can Go With Tiger, Especially After The Red Sox Are Crowned '07 World Series Champions

Just a few hours ago, Steve Jobs & his Apple corps of Mac Engineers, released the latest version of Mac OS X, called Leopard, or 10.5.1. It can be run on both the Intel Dual Core Chips, as well as on the Power PC Chips. The latest version of Mac OS X, is said to be the most-spectacular OS ever created, with over 300 new features & the system will require 9 GB of Hard Disk space. A lot of RAM will be needed to run this system, so I’m told.

I can just imagine what MS Office ‘08 for Mac will be like. I’ve already experienced MS Office ‘04’s free trial. It was the 1st time I’ve ever seen 3D columns in Microsoft Excel Sheets. No wonder Microsoft Office is more-fun on a Mac-try this with Windows machines & watch tech support people drink 3 cans of Diet Mountain Dew, to stay awake, while fixing crashed machines.

Funny, but a Just-Discontinued piece of software, which I find to be a joy to use, called Appleworks 6.2.9, is still useable, thanks to Rosetta, for 10.4 & beyond. I’ll continue to use it, with all the things I’ll need. I bought this software 3 years ago for $65. I will also upgrade by buying iWork ‘08, for more complex jobs, especially in connection with the Inaugural Edition of The Knights of Columbus Free Throw for the 4th Degree.

What I find amazing about OS X, is that all these systems are named for Fast Cats, namely Cheetah(10.0), Puma(10.1), Jaguar(10.2), Panther(10.3), which I’m running at the moment & is really when Mac OS X got really-powerful & Tiger(10.4) on the machine to arrive on Monday. Leopard is the single biggest of all of these systems(10.5). Leopard will be the biggest & fattest cat of them all.

On Monday for me, it’s “Hold That Tiger”, while I put it on my system. Any plans for me to run Windows on the machine, are off, as I don’t want Bill Gates bug ridden system of patch after patch after patch, to fix a very broken system.

Oh & by Monday Morning, I hope to be making Red Sox Victory Parade Plans for the following Saturday. So, Go Red Sox.




Blogger Peter N said...

I LIKE those Monday plans, but if we win one of the first two today (Sat.) or tomorrow, Josh Baseball will be pitching for all the marbles! Multi-colored dreams! Have a great weekend.

10:36 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

That, so far, Peter, I'm having:

Et Tu, Peter

1:40 PM  

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