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Monday, August 13, 2007

Jeremy Guthrie Vs C. Wang @ 7:05PM, ET-O's @ Yankmes-Shields Vs Wakefield-7:05PM Devil Rays @ Red Sox-CMXCIX

Both Contenders are Home-Sawx @ Fenway Park & Yanks @ "The Toilet":

This will be an Interesting Night Of Baseball, ahead;

& I hope that Gagne' either redeems himself, or isn't needed;

Wakefield pitched 8 Innings of Shutout Ball, including a No Hit Bid into the 7th Inning, broken up by Rays Outfielder Carl Crawford, with a Single. Papelbon got his 24th Save & Wakey, his 14th Win. Final was 3-0 Sawx;

Mariano wet the bed, as it's 6-6 Yankees-Baltimore, then won in the 9th Inning Bottom, 7-6;

Mets Have The Night Off, facing Pittsburgh for 3 in PNC Park over next 3 Days;

"M"(1000th Post is NEXT);

Mike-RSN-NY Area-Queens


Blogger A said...

If Wake's getting pulled in the 5th inning for sucking anyway, might as well throw Gagne in there just to see who can suck worse. Might as well find out now rather than in the playoffs.

5:40 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Interesting Idea! But, I wonder if Gagne' is hiding an injury?

6:12 PM  

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