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Monday, August 20, 2007

On The Current Novus Ordo & Traditional Latin Masses-Which Has Truer Participation

I remember some woman from the East Glendale Section of Queens, adjacent to my Woodhaven Neighborhood, seperated by Woodhaven Blvd, commenting in "The Tablet"(Diocese of Brooklyn & Not the See of Westminster), on how the Novus Ordo Mass is so good & people really participate by the use of the vernacular:

Ok, My Dear-WHERE ARE THEY? Mass Attendance is down 60%. Do I consider singing "Michael, Row The Boat Ashore-Alleluia", REAL Participation in a Mass or a Campfire Sing-Along? There are Hymns, which sound like they were written after Breakfast & after a flatulence attack in Mc Donalds or Burger King;

I don't like my Priests to be performers, as if they're on some Comedy-Variety Show. One such Priest has a tired act of when wee children, inadvertently have an accident in their pants & the parents become the butt of his jokes, from the pulpit;

The Offertory is dumbed down & naturalistic-sounding, instead of a Sacrifice being offered, which it truly is, as the Host is in memory of Christ as Victim, as The Christ is offered as Victim, for The Expiation & Remission of Sins;

In the Novus Ordo Mass, it tends to be a recitation & Sing Along, with little to NO Time for Reflection & Meditation;

In my 1st Participation in the Traditional Latin Mass in some 40 Years, I never genuflected, bowed, knelt & stood so much in my life. It was like old times+Gregorian Chant. & it felt Great to receive Holy Communion on my Knees, instead of in a hoarde rushing to the altar. I prefer that the priest place the Body Of Christ on my tougue. He has the True Right to do that as he offered The Mass, as an Alter Christus;

Altar Servers, in the TLM, recite responses in Latin. In the current Mass, they are more like Window Dressing;

Why are Girls acting as Altar Servers, when they, Canonically, CANNOT be Priests? This gives them False Hope, unless they go to the Anglicans & Lutherans, when they grow up;

Eucharist In The Hand? Sadly, many Catholics don't believe in the Corporeal Real Presence of Christ's Body & Blood. That Consecrated Host is so Sacred, that by receiving in the hand, may alow particles to fall to the floor. There's also the Danger of some people taking that Host to be used in Satanic & other Ritualistic, Pagan Ceremonies;

Participation in the Traditional Latin Mass, is of Reverence, Silence & Awe & not Banal, Palid Pap Pop Music. & the Traditional Latin Masses are drawing the crowds;

There's something better out there & it's STEEPED in Tradition;

Pax Vobiscum;



Blogger Suldog said...

I think there are points to be made in favor of both services. The traditional takes more foreknowledge, more training in the church's traditions. Once you acquire that, it is definitely the more complete spiritual experience, IMHO. On the other hand, the modern mass probably means more to the person who has not had the training we took for granted when we were kids. It involves them more readily.

Of course, the point of any mass is not how it makes you feel, but to offer praise and thanks to God, so...

9:46 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

True, Jim:

I do recall One Incredibly-Beautiful Novus Ordo Mass, with Chant & None of the Banal Hymns of Today, but rather the Traditional English Language Hymns & Tabernacle In The Centre;

It can be well done;


11:03 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

In fact, most knelt at the Communion Rail to Receive Communion.

11:05 AM  
Blogger paramedicgirl said...

My prediction is that the TLM will gradually replace the Novus Ordo in the next few generations, and that in the next century, the Novus Ordo will be distant history.

The reason? Holiness, reverence and the sacred nature of the Mass of the Ages will draw people to its beauty. That, and the workings of the Holy Spirit. God has allowed us to wander in a barren desert these last forty years, but it is coming to an end.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

We're entering "Early Springtime" in The Church now, Georgia, after a "Bitter Winter."

5:29 PM  

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