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Thursday, August 02, 2007

It'll Be An Interesting Afternoon Of Baseball

Jon Garland Goes for The White Sox vs Some Guy Who May Have Been Told to stay out of the Game Until Midseason, W'm Roger(Of Ohio, Not Texas)Clemens(A Secret Unofficial Suspension, methinks):

Brian Lawrence makes his Mets Debut this afternoon, vs Chris Capuano @ Milwaukee. Lawrence pitched at New Orleans, during this season;

Jim Guthrie(O's) vs Wakey at 1:05PM, at Fenway Park. Guth had a 3 Hitter in a Game, which the O's Bullpen BLEW, earlier this year;

Dodgers-Giants, the oldest rivalry in Baseball, going all the way back to 1890 in NY, will be at 10:10PM, ET in LA;



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