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Friday, August 24, 2007

NYC-A Great Place To Be Both A Boston Red Sox Fan & A Traditionalist Catholic

Two of The "Impossible Dream-1967" Red Sox, were Joe Foy from The Bronx & Rico Petrocelli, from Brooklyn:

Red Sox Bars open until 4:00AM, unlike in MA, until 2:00AM;

A City where you're free to be any fan you want to be, & I don't care what Yankees Poseurs Think;

Traditional Latin Masses in Manhattan, with one on Carmine Street(Our Lady Of Pompeii) @ 10:00AM, & @ St Agnes on East 43rd Street, Lexinton to 3rd Avenue on The Cross;

Traditional Latin Masses in The Diocese of Brooklyn, every Sunday @ a Parish just off 4th Avenue on 25th Street @ 10AM;

In The Diocese Of Brooklyn, in Middle Village, Queens, there are a # of Red Sox Fans, gathered on the 2nd & 4th Sundays @ St John's Cemetary Chapel @ 9:00AM, for the Traditional Latin Mass. One Priest, now assigned to St Margaret's-Middle Village, is looking for permission to have that Mass, Every Sunday;

While in The Boston Archdiocese, there's only One Traditional Latin Mass, & it's in The Suburb of Newton-Upper Falls, somewhere on "The T" Green Line;

That's why I love being both A Traditional Catholic & a Red Sox Fan, in NYC;



Blogger Suldog said...

Being a Red Sox fan, I hope you attend mass on Carmine Street!

1:24 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Lol, Jim:

I do, however, go on Metropolitan Avenue, where the 1st 3 letters of Metropolitan, do, in part, spell the name of my #2 Team

3:36 PM  

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