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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

El Numero Siete Ciento(#700) Or Why The NY Mets Drive Their Fans To Drink...Heavily, I Might Add

Outside of my love for All Things Carmine Hose, I now turn to my !ST Reason As Why I MOST-THOROUGHLY DESPISE DFYankmees, in the 1st Place:

Last Year, it was unto the point of horrific tears & memories, as well as causing me bouts of Insomnia, which was NOT FUN, NOR the least bit FUNNY;

It's through THIS Team, that I saw Interleague Play for the 1st Time & witnessed a certain Knuckleballer, give up a 3 Run Homer to the Starting Pitcher, in 1997(0615);

It was through THIS Team, where I watched an Idiotic, Maniacal, OVERSIZED Roid Boy, embarrassed by also giving up a 2 Run homer to the Starting Pitcher, on Saturday, June 15th, 2002;

& this Friday Night, June 15th, That Team will tussle with FOX & ESPN's Favorite Attraction, THE Great & Tired Ol' Whore, in the Whore's Place of Residence, "The Toilet";

& I'll try to make it a Festive One at that, though it'll be sad, as 30 Years will have passed, when Larry Lucchino's & The CHB's Inspirations, M.Donald Grant & Dick Young, forced (1992 Inducted HOF)the Trade of Tom Seaver, the 1st Time, for some guy laboring as a coach for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays(Steve Henderson) & another guy, a precursor to Kevin Brown(Pat Zachry). Yes, I will remember that dark, Thursday Night back in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn in my own way, drinking toasts to the following people, namely Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, Tommie Agee, Rocky Swoboda, Cleon Jones, Jerry Grote, Ed Charles, Wayne Garrett & of course, Tug Mc Graw & Bob Murphy, as well as Lindsey Nelson & Ralph Kiner & Rusty Staub;

Why am I leaving the 1986 TV Play By Play Man off the list? Let's just say that 1986 is a sad moment in Red Sox History & I don't want anybody throwing good ale on someone over the mere mention of Tim Mc Carver;

The 1997 Pitcher who gave up that 3 Run Shot, throws a knuckler which, lately, doesn't dance & is Tim Wakefield(SOX). The Pitcher, who he gave up the homer to, is Mark Clark;

The Roided, Fat Schmuck, who gave up the 2 Run Homer to opposing starting Pitcher, Shawn Estes, went out of that game with a Fatigued Groin & Injured Hamstring is Roiger Clemens;

The Site of These 2 Games?
Shea Stadium. It may be a dump, but, at least it's not a "Toilet";

To Catch "The Whore" at "The Toilet" take the D or 4 Train to East 161st Street-River Avenue, to catch the big flush noise as the "Mos' Noligibl' Fanz In Thuhh World" moan & groan;

The Team is The Mets. They Lost 5-3 to the Dodgers tonight & just cost me some sleep. WTF Else is new?




Blogger Suldog said...

My goodness, Michael. 700 posts? How many of them have been rants concerning Tim McCarver? 526?

Just kidding! Congratulations!

11:39 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

He constitutes a rant or 2 or 500+:

Then, again, without his memorable & idiotic comments, we bloggers would be writing about our butterfly collections;

Thanks, Sul.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous kaylee said...

congrat on your 700Th i actually like your mccarver rants!

1:41 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Whilst I appreciate your enthusiasm for my "Tim" Comments, made Toungue In Cheek, only a fleeting reference was made to "The Man From Memphis", who, in 1986, was the FINEST TV Play-By-Play Man, outside of Mr Vincent Scully(The Man From Inwood-Northern Manhattan). It's as FOX' Lead Basebal Analyst, where I digress;

Many a Red Sox Fan, transplanted to NYC from the Boston Area, used to receive Superstation WWOR-NY, on cable in the Boston Area & Tim was doing Mets PLAY-BY-PLAY, in the days before MLB Extra Innings;

So, NY Mets Baseball Telecasts had the same penetration as NESN & WSBK38, & TBS(Braves) & WGN-Chicago, with Cubs & White Sox, as these are Satellite Superstations, as was WPIX-NY, which carried the Yankees;

Some cable systems in the NY area carried TV38's Satellite feed, allowing for the viewing of Red Sox Games in my region. I knew of one bar in Queens, which carried a telecast of a Blue Jays Game, via Satellite Feed from CBC & it was done way better than the ESPN Feed of the Game, so CBC was carried;

This story was about memories. It's also a memorable Baseball Anniversary.

11:23 AM  

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