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Sunday, June 17, 2007

In Case As To Why I Went To The Riviera For 2 Nights

I will state this. On the 1st Night, I wore a "Professor Thom's" Shirt. Sertell was NOWHERE to be seen & neither was Kazmerzcyk:

2nd, denizens want to pay the Consumate Red Sox Bar, "Professor Thom's", a visit;

3rd, what kind of Red Sox Bar still has a picture of "The Roided Rocket", Roger Clemens, sitting on its' bar? Doesn't Sertell realize that Roger, "The Dayton Donut", is "The Anti-Christ" in our minds & hearts?

4th, a place once noted for such delicious items as Mozzarella & Tomatoes, no longer has that on the menu. Instead, the place is trying to replicate the menu of "Professor Thom's", & does a real SUCKY job of it. The Chicken Quesadilla is as dry as Cardboard(So are some of my jokes, BTW);

5th, The Meetup Group likes to meet all over, though Paul, like me, calls "Professor Thom's", the Best Red Sox Bar in NYC, Bar NONE;

In any self-respecting Red Sox Bar, or any bar, for that matter, Tim Mc Carver is still a barrel of Misinformation. I thought that he talked more during Giants-Red Sox, with KENNY Albert, & Ken Rosenthal on FOX, yesterday, mentioning that "The Last Time The Giants had anybody on base was with YOUKILIS in the 4th Inning." Timmeh, does St Louis still Blow in a NY Minute? I knew that this telecast was in trouble when standing next to Kenny Albert was The Red Dyed "Sophocles of The Diamond";

6th, the Chicken Quesadilla @ Professor Thom's, had chicken, veggies, & cheese in it. It was so filling that I couldn't finish it;

7th, the Professor Thom's Chili is hearty & Robust. The Riviera Chili left me with an intense case of "La Turistas" or "Montezuma's Revenge";

As I'm doing Penance for my 2 Night Visit, which got all over town on the web, I shall state unequivocally what i really think about an outmoded cafe', at 7th Avenue South & West 4th Street;

F--- Sertell;

F--- Kazmerzcyk;

F--- Brennan;

F--- Tabachka;

& F--- any place with a Roger in a Red Sox Jersey;

In Short, F--- THE F------ RIVIERA, You & that ROGER Portrait on the Bar;

You don't even have a TENTH of the Beer Selection;

You try to replicate a "Thom's" Menu & DON'T EVEN COME CLOSE TO IT, EVEN IN TASTE;

Riv customers, drop your chains & come NORTH to The Best Red Sox Pub, BAR NONE;

My Penitential rant is finished;



Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:52 AM  
Blogger Jerry Thomas said...

Mea Culpa accepted.

12:35 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...


Is that you, Steve, or Kazmerzcyk?

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa, Chris;

Malo Riviera Est!

9:30 AM  

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