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Thursday, August 17, 2006

"My Way Of Writing The Baseball Essays"

Whenever a column for “Fenway Nation” is written, it will be on Mariner Write where I write it. I refuse to use that bloated document format of MS Word, in any way, shape or form, when writing from home.

Working with MS Word from work, shows me just what a resource user that program is. It is slow to open & even slower to close. Rich Text Format is just fine for what I write & it’s lighter in regards to code sent to an associate by e-mail. Mariner Write only uses 2 M B of RAM.

Instead of that associate receiving a 20 to 30 K B file, it’ll only be a couple of K B. Any word processor will open Rich Text & Plain Text. It’s the only way in which I write to associates & compose columns. I believe in keeping it simple, but elegant.

I can send & receive MS Word files, but I prefer not to receive in the bloated MS Word Format. Let’s just keep it elegant & simple, folks. & for Windows users, MS Word is quite-prone to carrying viruses, so Rich Text & Plain Text are preferable.

Just a word to the wise, that this is the way I do it on Mac.


Blogger Peter N said...

Michael, a nice kudo from Jere today. I guess you're irresistable writing wise. I think so. I'm flattered that you are an everyday visitor to my place. I just posted a piece on how the mood is now, in Boston, and RSN itself. And how that mood might change after an afternoon victory. As always, your comment woud be invaluable. Remember us on your way up! Pete

10:35 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I'm noted for my short bursts of brilliance, Peter:

The 2 Differences between me & Tim Mc Carver, is that my bursts make sense;

His do not, but he gets a lot more money.

12:35 PM  
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