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Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Hope, Ecstasy & Agony"

2003-a 7 game ALCS ends with a dramatic homer & theb firing of Grady Little;
It is also the last year for 2 years, of a huge sized Jason Giambi, hence the Red Sox are 1 season away from the glory(Hope & Agony);

2004-"The Bloody Sock of Curt Schilling" & "The Idiots" come back from 0-3 in the ALCS to win 4 Straight & 4 more in the World Seies(Ecstasy @ Last);

2005-Postseason is brief, but there was a 3rd Postseason(Hope but Agony);

2006-Heart problems for David(Big Papi)Ortiz, torn cartiledge in Manny Ramirez' knee, ditto for Captain Jason Varitek, Cancer Scare for Pitcher Jon Lester, horrific bullpen, Trot Nixon's out of action, trades that are trouble, troubles in Front Office with the Ownership, especially with General Partner named Larry(SHEER Agony);

Anything can happen, but there's Red Sox '07(Hope);

& for RSN-NY, there's always The Mets(Hope & Ecstasy);

Now, somebody go out & steal Giambi's syringes;
& HGH doesn't stand for Healthy Green Herbs;


Boston here I come!



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Just got rid of a friggin' spammer:

Yay, as Kaylee would say!

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