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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Top 10 Signs Things Aren't Going Right With The Red Sox"

From The Home Office in Somerville, MA, here we go:

#10: “T” Service stops running before Game Time of 7:05PM;
#9: N E S N replaces Jerry Remy & Don Orsillo with Michael Kay & Tim Mc Carver;
#8: Lucchino sells soul to the devil, I mean merges NESN with the YES Network;
#7:Huge September Online sales from Boston, for Upper-Level Reserved & Box Seats, for N Y Mets @ Shea Stadium;
#6: Boston Bars Dart Boards now feature the image of Josh Beckett;
#5: John Henry, Tom Werner, Larry Lucchino & Theo Epstein, buy Season Ticket Package for remaining Mets Home Games in ‘06;
#4: Bandwagon Fans give up & head for The Bronx, where they haven’t been seen since 2004;
#3: Theo Epstein’s laptop gets a virus, prompting him to lament about why he didn’t get a Mac Book Pro;
#2: Francona stops chewing & starts drinking heavily;
#1: Youkilis & Kapler traded, when Mel Gibson becomes a Limited Partner.


Blogger Peter N said...

Mel Gibson sighted at a Passover Seder.
Wearing a yalmuka. Strange days, as Mr. Morrison said once, sometime around '67, the summer of Pepper.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Peter N said...

Matters that I need to say referencing your piece. Ya see, I know how to reach the always entertaining author of those words. You. At least I'm fairly sure. Craig Hansen? Yes, not good. But he's been asked to do too much too soon. But then, wow....a pause.......Deep breath.......Little Manny awful? Please, respectively....he's doing the best he can, coping with a sometime injury that maybe he is "little-izing." My word, the L word. He is effective more times than what I do not understand is how you lump him with that adjective awful.
We're allowed to disagree..right? As always, you're a great read. Sign this, you know who.

12:15 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Almost as if they're sacrificial lambs, Peter:

That the FO was in such disarray, that it led to this situation, is upsetting to say the very-least;

I've taken to humor, to keep from going crazy.

3:02 PM  
Blogger kaylee said...

hey michael.....I have to watch the game tonightr.....missed that win last i must watch tonight.

9:55 PM  
Blogger kaylee said...

i POSTED TOO!!!!!!!!!!

11:34 PM  

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