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Saturday, August 05, 2006

"When Is A Yankees Fan Welcome @ A Baseball Game In A Visitors Ball Park"

It's most-likely AFTER that game is over:

In the case of Fenway Park & Shea Stadium, the answer is NEVER;

A contingent of Smart-Ass, Blohard, Yankees Fans, descended on Shea Stadium tonight, even though the NY-NNJ-SWCT(For Southwestern Connecticut)Yankees were NOWHERE to be seen;

They were as welcome this evening, as Mel Gibson is, in a Synagogue;

Mets Lost to Phillies 5-3, as Chase Utley's Hitting streak ended @ 35 Games;

A # were on their 6th beer @ Shea Stadium, by the 2nd Inning;

Some were giving the usual point in ones' face routine, contributing to Yankees Fans' Legend that they're SORE Winners & More-Sore Than Anybody, LOSERS, who want to fight people in the stands, a common practice @ "The Toilet"(Thanks, Jere), in The Bronx;

Repeat After Me; "Yankee Fans SUCK!"



Blogger Peter N said...

Great Mel line Michael!

9:52 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Thanks, Peter:

I've enjoyed Mel in Cinema, but he sounds like a colleague of mine, except that the colleague is sober;

But, though Mel was 13 sheets to the wind, I feel that he has deep-seated Hostility & that's saddening;

Red Sox & Mets Fans don't just suffer from the lingua-franca of the Brayingist Blowhards & Least-Knowledgeable "Fans" in Baseball, they suffer violence @ their hands, in as Jere Smith puts it, so eloquently, in "The Toilet";

I shall only refer to "The Toilet" as Yankee Stadium, in reference to Soccer Matches, Boxing Matches, NFL Games(Mind You, all of this in past tense) & Two Papal Masses(1965 with Paul VI & 1979 with JPII);

Let DFYankees Fans stay in "The Toilet";
It's akin to their "Behavior."

2:15 PM  

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