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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Joba Chamberlain NEEDS To "GFY"

In The Words of "Fitzy" Of North Billerica, MA, Joba should just NEEDS to "GFY":

Joba was known for hanging with that Lying, 'Roided Psychopath and Pathological LIAR, Roger "I never done taked them Steroids" Clemens. WHAT Possesses this Whack Job, to chronically throw at Youk;

You're lucky that you're NOT in the N L, where you'd have to bat, you a--h-le. Don't tell me "It Was a accident", not unlike Clemens;

Why didn't Youkilis go after this Sugared Up Bozo? Methinks, there are 2 sets of rules-1 for DFYankees and 1 for 29 Other M L B Clubs;

WHAT Games are The Umpires Watching?

Joba/ You definitely NEED to "Go F--- Yourself";


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Blogger Peter N said...

Hi Mike. When that errant (purposeful?) pitch tossed by "Joba the Mut" hit Youk's bat, I thought at first it hit him in the head. HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOSSED RIGHT THERE! But it might not have mattered. And then there's the latest "Manny move." I let out all my steam this morning over at my place. Have a great weekend...enjoy the two games left. We have to win 'em both. Great post.

7:02 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I follow in your tradition, Peter:

Manny's a Slacker and smart-aleck;

Joba's affected by way too much sugar and guarana, both being erratic neurotransmitters, w/amphetemine like effects

1:34 PM  

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